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Journal Journal: Spam Me O Mighty Spammer

I'm fscking around with some spam statistics and realized that while I do have access to a 10,000 user email system and all the logs that system generates -- Its not really what I'm after.

So, real live people, ignore all this banter... Bots, please pay attention.



That should be enough here to get the ball rolling. I'm planting other ones, well, other places.


Journal Journal: Get this...

Here is Fidelity Investment's current (080503) definition of SCOX...

The SCO Group, Inc. develops and markets software based onthe Linux operating system and provides related services that enable the development, deployment and management of Internet access devices and specialized servers. For the 6 months ended 4/30/03, revenues rose 5% to $34.9M. Net income totalled $3.8M vs. a loss of $17.6M. Results reflect initial licensing revenue and the absence of $4.3M in restructuring costs.

Well okay, thats humorous, but this isn't...

Insiders hold 5.95 million shares. In the last 6 months, there have been no insider purchases, and there have been 11 insider sales for a total of 77.0 thousand shares.

Not exactly hemmoraging, but still...

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