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Comment Take your kid to work day (Score 1) 508

When i was about 8 years old, during the mid 80's, my dad, a commander in the US navy and head of air operations at a naval air station, took me to work.

It was an awesome day, i got to see the pitch black control room with blinking lights and green radars, got a tour of various planes and helicopters at the base, then i got to hang out in my dad's office in the control tower.

There was this cool looking phone, not just any phone, but a bright red phone with no numbers on it. I had never seen a phone without a dialpad before. So, I pick up the phone. It rings maybe once and then someone answers it franticly, and I immediately hang up. Well about that time I notice fire trucks are rolling near the airfield and the phone starts ringing again and my dad rushes in the office with a startled look on his face. He answers the phone and apologizes to whomever was on the other line. My dad wasn't that upset, but let me know that I'm never to do that again.


A Second Google Desktop Vulnerability 80

zakkie writes "According to InfoWorld, Google's Desktop indexing engine is vulnerable to an exploit (the second such flaw to be found) that could allow crackers to read files or execute code. By exploiting a cross-site scripting vulnerability on, an attacker can grab all the data off a Google Desktop. Google is said to be investigating. A security researcher is quoted: 'The users really have very little ability to protect themselves against these attacks. It's very bad. Even the experts are afraid to click on each other's links anymore.'"

Submission + - Creative Commons v3.0 licences launched

An anonymous reader writes: Creative Commons announced the release of its licences on Friday 23 Feb 2007. Changes include "Clarifications Negotiated With Debian and MIT", CC-BY-SA "compatibility structure", endorsement control, etc.

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