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Comment Re:Useful (Score 1) 281

How do they determine eligibility? Do they collect a sum from sales, then divide it proportionally based on percent of actual, normal sales?

Say Britney got 57% of all audio sales in Canada, does she (and her company) get 57% of the money?

And is that 57% based on units sold (albums, singles) or on $ sold? If she can charge more for an album than a nobody, does each of her album sales count as more towards that percent than each album for the nobody? Like if she sold 10,000 albums at retail of $20, but the nobody sold 200 albums at $10, is her share 10,000 x 20 vs. 200 x 10 for the other guy? Or 10,000 vs. 200?

The problem is how does copying affect sales. Did the person just create an additional copy of "The Great White North" that they purchased or did they copy it from someone else? Hell, did they just buy a downloadable version? Why is someone who hates Britney (or Alanis) paying them money because they're popular?

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 136

Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend...wait.. the enemy of my enemy is my..the enemy of my friend...oh forget it. How about an antivirus worm that searches them all out and hoses them down like a hot bath of p*ss till there is no point to the black hat vocation.

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy - nothing more, nothing less.

If you've worked in a production environment, you'll know some fixes are worse than the original problem.

Comment Unfortunately (Score 1) 470

You have to do a little something for Valentine's Day even if she says otherwise. Keep this in mind though, giving her flowers on any other day for no reason will make her feel a lot more special than on V Day. Set a reminder in your calendar on a random day and do this.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2, Interesting) 303

US Postal system shut due to the ease of transfer copyright material as anonymous.

Nice try but the postal services serves to deliver parcels from and to a person. A better example would be the illegal liquor runs during the US prohibition. They clearly delivered illegal goods but the vehicle used can also be used for the delivery of legal goods. Now if your roads are full of vehicles delivering illegal liquor because it is cheap and well invigorating, to the point that ambulances can't get to hospitals, you'll have to take action. Be it by the inspection of the vehicles, widening the roads, or simply by prohibiting all vehicles who transport anything that smell like liquor - yes, by installing a sniffer. Otherwise, you as the transportation secretary, will get complaints from people who are trying to get to the ball game on time.
I'd say, widen the roads but there's a faily high price to pay for that especially since this may not resolve the problem but only provide temporary relief until even MORE vehicles begin to carry illegal liquor.
I think everyone needs to be pragmatic and avoid dealing in absolutes.

US Postal system analogy works ok. Generally, the US Postal service doesn't know if the package is copyrighted material and if the original sender is the copyright holder. USPS could delay and even open packages of certain types. Original senders can be anonymous using drop boxes.

Comment Re:Joomla is so simplistic (Score 2, Informative) 69

I wouldn't say impossible. The naming conventions cause you to click around a lot because it's not where you expected. Also there were certain parts that could be controlled in multiple areas. It definitely could have been made a lot more intuitive since it's supposed to allow almost anyone to run a site.

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