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Journal Journal: Why The Firehose needs more work... 2

I think the firehose requires a LOT More work, before it can be considered a reliable means of judging stories. My Ask Slashdot question was in there right? And I was in the Green, and almost ready to go to Yellow, then it is gone!! Later, I realized, that it only shows entries from the past 24 hours and filters out the rest. I think if the color is blue or less, it should be affected by that filter of 24 hours and such, not when it is in the green, and ALMOST ready to make it to yellow. That is my two cents.
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Journal Journal: In the Firehose!

Still going moderately strong in the firehose for my Ask Slashdot question. Hoping that My Question will make it on, cause I am dieing to hear feedbacks and responses to it!

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