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Journal Journal: New brazilian CD releases quoted in US$?!

Last sunday I went to a local music- and book-store, Livraria Cultura. I went there specifically to look for Ravel's "Concerto for the Left Hand in D major" and Gershwin's "Concerto in F", both of them for Piano and Orchestra. I managed to find both at reasonably good prices, principally when we're talking of import CDs here. Each one of these sold by R$ 21,00 (US$ 7,00).

So. I went to take a look at brazilian music when I found the latest Joyce release. It seems to be a very interesting record and features Toninho Horta and João Donato, among others. I asked the for the price, and the salesman said me: R$ 37,20 or US$ 12,58 - EXACTLY the price of an U.S. manufactured CD at! So I've double-checked and this CD was Made in Brazil...

And the record labels don't understand why people are going for free downloads! Sure, 12 bucks is not very much for a typical USA-Europe resident, but in Brazil there are releases by the SAME ARTIST being sold at half this price.

I think that the majors do this on purpose: deny access to great music to the people, as it's just a tiny fraction of the people here that can pay such a price for a CD. And thus people can only buy junk, sold at "promotional" prices (read payola here).

Oh, BTW the classical CD's I've bought were cheaper than this one. And one DVD I took in the same visit was just R$ 2,50 (US$ 0,86) plus expensive than this particular CD. Go figure!

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Journal Journal: First post!

Well, since gives me the chance of writing a diary, I've thought "why not"?

Let's see the outcome of this. There won't be any fixed periodicity, but everytime I know about something interesting I'll be posting here.

Main interests: music - classical, vocal, jazz, MPB (Brazilian Popular Music, includes the world famous "Bossa Nova" rhythm), science - particularly Physics and Astronomy -, photography - analog please, I've just got a Minolta SRT-303b - and Linux computing, including Linux on the desktop.

Well, let's move on...

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