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Comment Re:Your Favorite Misunderstanding of Your Own Work (Score 1) 1142

Scientists generally will tell you that answers we have today from science are not the final word. That is the nature of science; it changes as new information comes along. It is, after all, compiled by fallible humanity. Those who would set up science as the ultimate truth really are praising the cleverness of man. It is worth pointing out that a study found that half of all peer-reviewed scientific papers reached invalid conclusions, due to errors in research. Other research has uncovered the fact that fraud is disturbingly common in scientific research.

As science is fallible, changing and limited, we do well to make major social changes derived from science slowly.

Comment The Nature of Infinity (Score 1) 1142

A characteristic of God is that He has some attributes that are infinite. He exists infinitely past and future (the Alpha and Omega), knows all and so forth. Yet, when challenging religious concepts of god(s), atheists insist on treating god(s) as finite beings subject to approximately the same limitations as humans. Why do atheists pick and choose the characteristics of god(s) when trying to discredit religion?

Comment Re:Transcript (Score 2) 106

Here's my go on the UI parts of the transcript:

00:40) Charles: "If I look inside this, to be quite honest, it's like uh, it's like a space habitation module. I-, I-, I've been in one of those, which is really neat, because uh, it's like a home away from home and you can, you can live in there, you can sleep in there, you can do everything else. One of the other things that's really neat about it is how clean it is. [-ui-] In fact, I think [ISS astronaut] Don Pettit made the comment on orbit how pristine the vehicle was when he went inside, he talked about it smelling like a new car."

01:06) Elon: "In Florida and uh, California, uh, people are used to launch, launches occurring in Vandenberg and Cape Canaveral. If it's a new place, people aren't used to it, then you can get some people that like, just, kind of file legal actions. They don't have a lot of merit, but they can just, really, really grind things to a halt.
So we're just looking it to be considered.. a rocket launch should be considered on par with, say, with some of the protections that are all afforded to use of gunfire, and fireworks, and lawnmowers *laughs* Literally, it's like, just add rockets to the list of, you know... That seems like a reasonable request *laughs*
Like you can't sue someone 'cos somebody's got a lawnmower next door, right? Rockets don't have that protection, so we gotta have a little, just, something like that."

02:49) Reporter: "Are you planning on adding more jobs to this facility?"

02:52) Elon: "Yeah, absolutely, we expect to grow quite a bit in the coming years.
We absolutely expect over the next several years to have several hundred direct jobs added in McGregor.
And then, of course, there's an amplification factor, so if, um, if every employee that we hire brings their family, and that generates jobs in terms of automobiles, housing, you know, plumbing, electricity, hotels, restaurants, so usually it's a 5x multiplier in terms of jobs creation, so effectively it would result in thousands of jobs in the McGregor/Waco area."

03:44) Elon: "Well what we're talking about would be an orbital launch facility, whereas in New Mexico it's a sub-orbital, so it's basically-- sub-orbital it's you just go up and you fall down, with orbit it's you go up and you stay up, so it's you've got a ground track that uh, that, uh, when you're orbiting Earth, you are circling Earth, that's it has to be on the coast, because if you're overflying a lot of cities, which you need to do to get to orbit, then you're putting people at risk.
That's why an in-land launch facility for an orbital space flight is very difficult to do and still achieve... and still be safe, for people on the ground.

"I think a lot of people who have been critical, have been critical because of a lack of precedent for what's occurred, and now that we've been able to go to the space station and back, I think that some of the.. I think that we've answered some of their concerns, I'm [not quite sure?] that's definitely done, so I think we're seeing a significant decrease of detractors and.. and you know, just looking at the facts and saying, okay, well, SpaceX is showing that it can be done, and so it's getting.. kind of go with the facts, basically."

Comment Re:The picture of naivete (Score 1) 168

Western nations, including the U.S. and Australia, have their problems, but China has a far more repressive system. We allow people to meet peacefully together on a regular basis. We don't send tanks to run over peaceful protesters. We have a system of law that protects individuals to some degree from the state.

Comment Re:If you enjoy your job, then why not? (Score 1) 948

Maybe you need to look into getting a different job. I assure you that I won powerball I would find the use for the money but I would not leave my job.

I've always wanted to do things that no one would pay me very much (if anything) to do. I would like to travel the world, tinker with machines and start my own space exploration company. Yes, there are ways to get paid doing some of those things, but no one is going to pay me to do them, and in most cases in which people start out doing these kind of jobs, they find themselves eventually spending most of their time filling out paperwork.

I lost my full-time job 2 years ago. I decided to wrap up the loose ends of my schooling with whatever degree would be most convenient, then find another job. What I'm finding, though, is that I don't want another job that is going to require me to be in a room between the hours that someone else determines, doing what someone else determines, for whatever someone else determines I should be paid. I'm happy living in semi-retirement, though the economic realities are going to force my return to full-time work, eventually.

I like playing in my garden, cooking special foods, hiking in the woods and camping. I like photographing nature and finding remote locations without anyone around. I like quiet and tranquility. I like not being under the obligations of other people.

I still keep in touch with my former co-workers. We never hung out when we worked together, but I see them more in their off-work hours now than I did when I had a job.

You know what's boring? Being broke! Being forced to sit in my room and do little to nothing because I can't afford to do anything. I have more things I would like to do than I could ever have time or money to do them. Working on the menial, tedious tasks that usually pays my bills always seemed like a waste of my life to me.

Comment More Misrepresentation by Evolutionists (Score 0) 140

"The result, they say, is a challenge to proponents of intelligent design who maintain that complex biological systems can only have been created by a divine force."

Oh, come on! You aren't even trying to be honest at this point! No one who can access the Internet has any excuse to give such a sloppy definition of Intelligent Design.

OK, say it with me: "Irreducible Complexity." Do you understand the words coming out of my keyboard? Apparently not! The term is IC, not just C. Even though some evolutionists deny that any complex system is irreducibly complex, that is not justification for distorting the ID position.

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