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PoorPost Form v. 0.24

Your post has been moderated positively but that moderation must have been in jest or error. Your post sucks. Please review this form to understand the weaknesses in your post and how to produce higher quality posts in the future.

[*] Your post was modded funny but is not really funny. This is because:

  • ( ) You post simply used M$ instead of MS
  • ( ) You went back to beating the Windows security dead horse
  • ( ) You made a tired SCO joke
  • ( ) You made an MPAA/RIAA joke
  • ( ) You made a Jon Katz joke (who?)
  • ( ) MS blowz, linux rules (or a variant)
  • (*) You made an unoriginal joke about Slashdotting (servers turning to powder, melting, etc.)
  • ( ) Other (please comment here: )

[ ] Your post is modded insightful, informative, or interesting. In fact it is none of the three. This is because:

  • ( ) You stated the obvious
  • ( ) You simply tossed out lots of five-dollar words
  • ( ) It was in response to a poorly-written post or troll
  • ( ) You copied text from a previous post that really might have been one of the three I's
  • ( ) All you did was copy text from the linked article
  • ( ) You simply criticized Microsoft without making it funny
  • ( ) It is bloated with unnecessary technical claptrap
  • ( ) All you did was pose questions (like a stoner)
  • ( ) All you did was pose questions (like a lawyer)
  • ( ) You utterly failed to comprehend the article or article blurb and made entirely irrelevant comments

[ ] Your post may be rated too highly in general for the following reasons:

  • ( ) You are an asterisk who has, knowing the story's release time in advance, pounceposted to get first p0st and get modded up early
  • ( ) You are one of the editors and are getting your ass kissed
  • ( ) One of your fans has weighed in for you
  • ( ) One of the editors has blessed it with an "underrated"

[ ] Additional comments:

Thanks for posting! Better luck next time! :)

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