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Journal Journal: And two years later...

I still have troubles spelling the word 'wit.' Of course, if I had comments enabled, I'm sure by now a mob of people less intelligent than I would try to drag me down to their level by flooding me with a deluge of posts regarding my incompetence.

But here's the great part about writing in a journal: I know journals get read, and I would bet the farm that they get read quite frequently. Everybody has an inner desire to develop a better familiarity with the "social realm", and /.'s only conduit for a social medium is through every wit posted to the forum. Since there's not much of a chance that anyone here will ever meet another /.er face-to-face (whatever happened to the /. meet-ups?), this is the only place where I can extend my arm, show you where to hang your hat, and sit you down on the back porch for a nice cup of coffee and my wife's sweet-and-sour chicken. But until that and delivering of beer over CAT-5 cable is made possible, let me be, I think, the first Slashdotter to say hello to you personally.

But what it all comes down to is this: we as people would (generally) prefer to isolate ourselves and live in peace and quiet rather than risk conflict by interacting with other members of our own human race. I see it on /. I see it in Egypt. I see it in the USA. And typically speaking, I find myself acting out in the same sort of way whenever someone gives me a chance in person to get to know them better.

And yet the irony of it all is that while we enjoy being left alone, we crave the attention of others.

Disagree with me? Then send me an email. Until then, I'll just keep writing entries about how people don't ever socialize with me.

User Journal

Journal Journal: A Journal!

I can't believe it! Slashdot lets its users create journals! Wow...what do I write?

This is amazing. Imagine my surprise to find my own little personal haven here on the internet where I have it my way...completely my own way. The power of my own manifesto at my fingertips is mine for the taking! I can feel my heart pounding! My fingers shaking! My ego swelling!!!


You will listen to my every whit, and marvel at my intelectual prowess. Your feeble, inferior, phantasmagorical intelects will adhere to my cosmolocial understanding of the mechanics of all existance! Every thought coursing through the infinite neurons crammed within my cranial chamber shall be revered and venerated with all honors and rewards found in every corner of the Earth.



"I'm picking up on your sarcasm there."
"I'd hope so, 'cause I'm laying it on pretty thick."

And people wonder why Ted Kazynski was such a nutcase.

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