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Journal Journal: Seattle Job-Hunting

I graduated in May, with degrees in computer engineering and computer science from Iowa State University, and my job-hunt has been going less well than I would like. I decided to run a demographic analysis on cities I thought I might want to live, and first place went to Seattle, WA, a city at which I'd scarcely looked beyond the obvious. Further investigation found that it doesn't look like I have any contacts in the area, and that most jobs in the region are temp-to-hire. The larger obstacle, though, is that most of what I have found requires 2+ years experience which, being a graduate of two months, I lack.

So, to anyone reading this, any Seattle leads? And then of course there's my resume and there's a code sample, a Monte Carlo simulation to determine the optimal number of techs to hire to repair machines in order to maximize profit. I'm also trying to spend time working on Inkscape, but getting far, far less done there than I would like.

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