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Comment Dunno if you'd call it a nerd watch... (Score 1) 232

But since you haven't gotten too many real answers to your question (which, if I understand correctly, is a request for a durable, long-lasting watch that just does what watches are supposed to do), I'll inform you of what I wear: the Casio G-Shock MT-G 900. I can't remember exactly when I got it, but it's been at least five years ago. It has an easy-to-read face with backlight, a steel band that doesn't get worn much with age, a radio receiver that syncs the time with the Fort Collins transmitter, and a solar-powered battery. I didn't have to actively charge it (by putting it on the windowsill during the day) until the past year. The only problem is that it's a little bit pricier than your old watch, but not by much.


Comment Re:The terrorists have won (Score 1) 247

"Aid and comfort" is a fairly well-defined legal term, and simply praising a terrorist group or act would not meet the necessary criteria for it beyond a reasonable doubt. And this specific case where someone just named something after a terrorist group would be laughed out of court here.



Comment Re:State trolling (Score 1) 184

It's not just semantics--there's a big difference between the government funding methods to discourage people from saying things that are surely just "inauthentic comments" meant to provoke a reaction, which is what "creating trolling-free environments" suggests (and is even how it is read in the quote in the /. summary), and the government funding methods to combat Russian disinfo sockpuppet factories, which is what is actually happening. Ironically, the researchers themselves could be argued to be trolling people with the word choice, though I don't think that's deliberate.


Comment Re:State trolling (Score 3, Insightful) 184

Again, that's not trolling, regardless of what some people are calling them. That's astroturfing for the Russian government and Putin, and against the US, Ukraine, and Alexei Navalny. Trolling is when you say controversial, annoying, and/or inflammatory shit just to get a response from people. That's not the aim of this astroturfing, which is just a relatively new way of disseminating the same old FUDdy propaganda that governments have been producing since the invention of writing.


Comment That... That's not trolling at all. (Score 4, Informative) 184

It is thus not a surprise that many governments, political parties, and various other groups deploy tactics to influence public opinion on the internet, a practice commonly referred to as trolling.

No, that's commonly referred to as "astroturfing." Trolling is something totally different, and not something that state actors generally get involved in.


Comment Re:All the data means all the data (Score 1) 306

No, it isn't. At least in the US, posting medical records publically is only illegal if you yourself are a "covered entity," e.g. a member of the health-care team bound by law to keep medical records private. If you're a journalist (or some other random person like Julian Assange) and someone gives you a medical record, you're legally free to post it everywhere you want. The only person breaking the law is the person at the start of the chain. This is similar to how government leaks work--Woodward and Bernstein are within their rights to publish, and the only person breaking the law is Deep Throat.


Comment Re:Why is it troubling? (Score 4, Funny) 499

gender-imbalanced offices/teams/companies have a higher probability of disfunction

FTFY. Having too many women is not likely to be an issue for a tech company, but it's still worth noting. (Though I suppose you could argue that the problems in that case arose more from the fact that it was intentionally all-woman, which probably wouldn't attract the most healthy applicants...)


Comment Re:I like Prince but. (Score 1) 172

African-American culture is a subset or even a distinct American culture on its own. What may very well prove successful with one group of low income people may not work as well with another.

Yes, for black students to succeed they very much need courses that are separate from, but equal to the courses that white students take.


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