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Comment Re:I wonder if the TextBlade is next (Score 1) 88

I'm on board with that just as soon as money for a forensic accountant is sequestered from the initial funding in case it fails. With Kickstarter taking on partial liability and prosecute on our behalf if the accountant finds malfeasance on a failed project. Until that time the only way to play it is to see kickstarting as entering into a contract to deliver a product, so there is at least some stick to beat them with if they are scammers.

To treat project starters as you suggest in the current system is sheer madness and an invitation to scammers.

Comment Re:Losing (Score 1) 432

The great depression was also caused by a shortage of money, the Fed's hands were tied, a fact neatly exemplified by early 30s Germany success after being forced off gold. That can't really happen today, at least not in the US (Euro countries aren't so lucky). Which is not to say trade ties aren't useful for protecting against the other events which happened in the thirties

Maybe if the globalists and their allies had not made trade agreements which reward racing to the bottom for labour protection and environmental standards this wouldn't have happened. No democratic president ever lifted one finger to make that happen, that's for damn sure.

Comment Re:Insurmountable problems, indeed (Score 1) 277

Traditionally you want something to pay back on a ten year timeframe, a little more nowadays due to low growth environment.

That's neither here nor there though, we are subsidizing solar to try to get it economically competitive so it being an overall loss is acceptable. This investment is counter productive though, it does not promote the state of the art in cost effective solar, it does not promote the state of the art in streamlining mass installations ... all it does is waste money. This investment will never pay itself back, not in research either. It's just a complete and utter waste of time and money.

It gets us further away from solving the problems we have to solve by diverting funds.

Comment Re:Thanks Obama! (Score 1) 183

Ehh, Trump doesn't really have to be shrewd when the media are being idiots.

After halfway pulling off the Alt-Right bait and switch they got overconfident, they were doing so well and then they had to make a ridiculous song and dance about Russian as some bogey man behind all Fake News. Glass houses and throwing stones and all. The sheep don't quite realise how the media lies to them, but confirming their suspicion by pointing out other sources of fake news was not a great idea. Now everyone just trusts them less.

Comment Re:Insurmountable problems, indeed (Score 2) 277

Roads are a consumable item, they don't last decades and they don't consume enough earth surface to ever have it make sense to put fucking solar panels in them.

This is not a question of development, this is a question of common fucking sense (more sensible than common sense, but even less fucking common).

Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 432

We do know that prescribing meds for ADHD doesn't substantially improve outcomes in cohort studies and regional studies on average ... but we're doing it any way. The most generous way of interpreting this is that they don't do much of anything, the scary way is to say it does help some people. Because that would mean it would harm others to get the averages to work out, our doctors just can't predict the outcome.

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