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Comment This will be what happens (Score 1, Insightful) 139

All those people who agitate against an improved internet because they fear nebulous control and because it wouldn't be "trust" based are creating a situation where the real internet will become a bunch of centrally managed corporate networks which CAN block DDOS's. Whereas the open internet build on broken by design protocols and broken by design inter-connection contracts will wither and die.

The current internet isn't build on trust, it's build on quicksand. The current internet is inherently untrustworthy, you'd have to be insane to maintain it's build on trust.

We need a new internet fast, one build to be able to prevent DDOS's by design. Inter-connection contracts which require proper ingress filtering at customer edges and on request blocking at sources of malicious traffic, including large ranges if necessary. Any ISP which can't handle that can stay on the old "trust" based internet, the broken one. It will happen, either fully controlled by corporations, or in a community with an explicit social contract.

Comment Re:No kidding! (Score 1) 117

In my opinion the human interface for that should always be plain language first and code second. It's almost impossible for them to screw entering text other than misspelling, it's trivial to mess up the code (or code selection from a list).

Let them type the plan language description, do a lookup of potential matches and let them pick the code from those (99% of the time). Of course you'd keep the original plain language entry too, so it could always be double checked by someone else.

Comment Re:No kidding! (Score 1) 117

How many modern digital test devices which would push out a number like 129.4 don't provide a standardized way to directly output that to the EHR? Are there even standards to directly couple the EHR to devices running tests?

In an ideal world digital data wouldn't make a sidestep through manual data entry.

Comment Re:Israel is defending itself (Score 2) 529

Islam wants to convert us, lying and cheating and violence against non Muslims is justified for that cause.

Judaism want to rule us, lying and cheating and violence against goy is generally far more permissible than against fellow Jews (especially the lying and cheating part).

Reciprocity is not high on the agenda for either.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 529

Now, most or maybe even all of them were ethnically cleansed by the terror threat of the Jews rather than a more hands on approach of course. There is a certain elegance in the near bloodless ethnic cleansing the Jews did in Israel, of course not entirely bloodless since you need to make a few examples, but ethnic cleansing it was.

So technically you are right, they were not evicted. They were chases away by terror and not let back to their property.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 248

If importing and radicalizing Islam was just a tool to justify totalitarian rule, well mission accomplished, it is justified.

There might be alternatives with more freedom but the status quo isn't it. Le Pen's call to rearm France's citizens is a good step towards creating a society in which more freedom can be possible again as long as the fifth column is present.

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