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Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 266

No, that's why we need truly independent nations and absolute sovereignty. Every nation should be able to determine how to assign the wealth within it's borders. No more "free trade trade agreements" which are really just "property" protection agreements for the international homeless elite.

End ISDS's.

Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 266

The robot owners also have deeds on pretty much all the land, they control all the robot armies, they have international treaties which say all taxation has to be approved by international tribunals run by themselves. They will have the full legal title on the entire earth and the military hardware to back it up, you'll get what they want you to have ... be it a shallow grave or a ghetto they magnanimously let you live in.

Comment Re:Con or Confirm (Score 1) 250

If he hadn't been so fucking atrocious in citing previous research there would be no controversy about the plating type lithium copper battery, there's a ton of recent research on it. Pretending all that research doesn't exist might have been done for patenting reasons though.

Development of an Easily Recyclable “Lithium-Copper Rechargeable Battery"
The Development of a New Type of Rechargeable Batteries Based on Hybrid Electrolytes
Lithium–air and lithium–copper batteries based on a polymer stabilized interface between two immiscible electrolytic solutions (ITIES)

Comment Re:Central authority (Score 1) 289

A central absolute authority like the pope can reform a religion unilaterally, worked out well for Catholicism. Less well for Shiite Islam.

Still, I'd take it over Sunni religion ... defined by adherence to schools of Shariah jurisprudence a millennium old with little room for reform.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 1) 289

Christianity by it's very dispensationalist nature allows separation of church and state even while all the politicians are devout Christians, which the "we Americans" who founded America generally were in the early days.

Forget that you are a jew for a moment and take an honest look at history. Christianity stood at the basis of classical liberalism, civilization is Christian centric.

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