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Comment Re:How dows this make sense? (Score 1) 149

I would be okay with companies charging blacks more. If we as a society consider it important that the average blacks gets equal cost loans as the average white regardless of the fact that they on average default more then it's government's responsibility to make up the difference.

We shouldn't force the companies into pretending insane decisions are sane, insanity is not something we should strive for.

Comment Re:Silly humans (Score 1) 146

Homogeneity of population and disallowance of secret societies.

Simply having no organized group with a cultural justification for treating out-groups within a nation as people which can be "morally" scammed helps a lot.

Immoral people will still collude, but they won't get a ready made culture and structure for collusion ready at birth and taught to them while growing up.

Comment Re:Selective enforcement (Score 2, Insightful) 100


"Another girl, going under the pseudonym Lizzie, said: "I know a few girls who have come forward recently and been told they are being racist and I know a lot that won't come forward and to be fair I can't blame them."

This is what is still going on in Rotherham. Government can't or won't fix the atrocious situations occurring because of the utter failure of multiculturalism (it's success is mandated by the holiest laws in existence today, Human Rights, thus for them there can be no alternative). The only way for government to maintain the status quo is to prevent the native population from organizing. This is what this law is all about.

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