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Comment Re:Good research (Score 1) 113

A ton of research is not reproducible without cooperation from the researchers without having to spend inordinate amounts of time, perhaps more than the original research.

If the intent of publishing was to help other researchers reproduce it, it would need massive changes. The paper would be more like an abstract ... the real meat would be in the data, the software, the hardware designs and perhaps most importantly the lab notebooks.

Comment Re:Tell that... (Score 1) 261

I think the ones with memories of being close to starvation don't really mind Trump's ideas. When your life sucks that much a risk of nuclear war is going to be far less scary if it offers the chance of a better future than for us. It's us and our comfortable lives for which Trump's ideas are truly scary.

Comment Re:Considering how white people are celebrating... (Score 1) 261

A fucking convicted fucking murderer, who was almost certainly a habitual murdering scumbag. Any individual Puerto Rican who wants to improve the view prejudiced people have of Puerto Ricans should not be a complete idiot and not pick this fucking scumbag as a martyr.

Comment He means like as Salafi/Deobandi Islam? (Score 3, Insightful) 261

An idea which is reshaping the entire Muslim world for the worse and the Muslim communities in Europe with it. Of course not, he thinks social progressiveness is the only way forward as long as white politicians just get out of the way and open the borders.

TED, where PC morons spew pseudo-intellectual bullshit at other PC morons and where they present mundane, pie in the sky and just plain ridiculous technology as revolutionary.

Comment Re:Just plain wrong (Score 1) 85

It's embarrassing that he doesn't understand that Spain is still a highly developed economy, nor does he understand Gini coefficients. I guess he wasn't part of the international homeless for long enough to learn from experience what he should have known from general knowledge.

The embarrassing inexperience of the nouveau^2 rich.

Comment Re:That's a load of bullshit. (Score 1) 667

"Islam is no more about taking over the world than christianity is."

Glad we agree then.

Of course Christians aren't called to do it by the sword and there's no death penalty for apostates in doctrine (at least currently, thanks to Catholic law being far more malleable than Islam's and the New Testament being such a wishy washy lawless document).

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 0) 667

"And guess what, the EU is, as its core, a trade agreement."

Only because "trade agreement" is a codeword nowadays. Freedom of movement of people, complete lock in of Human Rights and Geneva convention on refugee treaties with EU courts telling you how to implement them, EU army soon. The EU has always been intended to lead to a complete loss of sovereignty, a Federal Europe with a giant pool of voters without cohesion trivially ruled by the media.

The EU is a tool of neofeudalism, like all "trade agreements". Also white genocide, but that's a little more EU specific.

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