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Comment Re:Now write a strongly worded letter! (Score 1) 43

Don't you mean get some papers to write an article which heavily implies they broke some agreement?

China is requiring data for Chinese citizens to be stored in China and they wrote up some laws governing search and seizure which are nothing the US can't do with a national security letter, woopdefuckingdoo.

Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 278

Not teaching natural history isn't the same as teaching creationism or "teaching the controversy", it's simply leaving it up to the parents and the kids themselves. Most of the kids would encounter ancient earth evidence sooner or later on their own.

It's even possible less kids would have a denialism framework rammed into them from a young age without the antagonism caused by forcing this into school curricula in regions where it's harshly opposed.

Comment Re:Know that "privilege" you like to talk about? (Score 3, Insightful) 278

A school can't correct for a class filled with poor single parent household kids who refuse to be educated. A class environment requires a basic level of deference to the institution school to operate. Good teachers can help create that, but most of it has to come from home.

Inner city black schools which are successful are selective and enforce discipline, they are almost all charter schools which can expel the dregs to the public school system. All comer schools which don't have any real measure to enforce discipline are the drain of the schooling system, in a region with lots of kids who simply refuse to be educated there is almost no escaping the suction of losers pulling you down with them.

PS. there's also unfortunate focus on college in the US high school system, a lot of kids would be better off starting apprenticeship early and finding joy in disposable income.

Comment Re:Good start (Score -1) 278

What good is teaching them evolution at all? It's such a minor scientific theory with no derivative value. Man was perfectly able to perform scientific progress before it knew of fossils. In regions where it's controversial it seems to me it would be better to just keep natural history out of the curricula, it's nothing a smart kid can't pick up in an afternoon by reading a book or wikipedia on a high school level. It's on a completely different strata of importance compared to math.

You could argue it goes towards teaching critical thinking, but there are many ways to skin that cat. Doing so would be easier without endlessly butting heads over evolution.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 2, Insightful) 372

Hate speech is merely politically incorrect speech which makes value judgements and seeks to change anything.

Point out the over-representation of Islam in terrorism, the inbreeding, lack of education and over-representation in crime in refugee populations. That's politically incorrect.

Say "We should no longer accept Muslim refugees as permanent citizens within our nation, because they make our nation worse." ... hey presto, hate speech.

Comment Re:It's either this or Nazis ... pick your poison (Score 1) 414

Mass surveillance is already stopping plots left and right. Sacrificing our privacy to that extent worked. It wasn't enough to stop lone wolf lunatics though, so this is the next step.

Nazis will soon be on the receiving end of this treatment too by the way. All freedom must perish, if it's necessary to make diversity "work".

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