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Journal Journal: Read, THEN moderate 1

Never had the inclination to write a journal entry before, but I guess i've got to start sometime.

This first entry is a bit short, but concerns a few recent posts.

First, this gem. Pretty standard these days, just an AC pretending to post a Google cache link which is actually a link to a page with a picture of the man.

So, I come along, and make this post. Also pretty standard, just warning people not to be fooled and follow the link to the offensive picture, posted with an initial score of 2. Now, this is where things get just plain stupid.

Within 3 hours at the most, my post is marked as Funny, then soon after as Troll, and upon checking today is down to "0, Troll" after being hit with Overrated moderation(s) as well.

For further fun, another post of mine complaning is given an Overrated mod, and a somewhat blunt post from another user is given the same.


A) Whoever came across these posts was not browsing with their rating threshold set low enough, and upon seeing the thread but not the AC parent, thought I was stating that the main link for the story was somehow a redirect.

B) Trolls are waiting until someone points out one of their posts, and using other accounts with mod points to drop people that posted warnings. Saw this same sort of completely nonsensical and/or retaliatory mod behavior on several other posts today.

And now you're probably saying "Yep, but so what?". I dunno. At any rate, something's quickly becoming broken (if you don't think it's already ruined) with the moderation system around here.

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