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Journal Journal: I have ascended to the highest tier of karma...

I now have an excellent karma rating. This makes me feel good. My karma whoring has paid off, and I no longer have to worry about my posts as much.

It also means I no longer have a quest on Slashdot. But that's okay, because I get my automatic karma bonus! Woohoo! I will now be read by more people, and get modded up EVEN MORE!

and I may even troll a bit. No, I won't.

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Journal Journal: The worst fan fiction everw 1

So I'm reading some Wing Commander forums. Remember those games? Starred Mark Hamil? Anyways... some guy posts asking people what they think about the stats he made for a new fighter that would be featured in an upcoming fan fiction story of his.

The fighter was hideously overpowered. It had a lot of guns. It could go faster than any fighter before. It had the heaviest armor ever. It had TWO turrets. It was, pretty much, a piece of shit.

Then he posted his first chapter. I will highlight the best part:

Tardus: Even at Sol Sector? You are really less intelligent than what i thinked, Admiral.

Edward: But at least i hadn't sold myself to some corporate group, mister.

Tardus: Wha...What are you saying?

Edward activates his recorder.

Tardus: We shall begin disbanding our fleet soon. I will grant you a fair price, Mr. CEO.
CEO: Okay. Here is your payment.

Edward: I believe this is enough evidence to arrest you, and General Rodham also does.

That's pretty much it. Painful.

The worst thing is... I was reading a crossover between Star Wars and Wing Commander... and I actually kind of liked it.

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Journal Journal: PeteyG on Google

I just did a google search on "PeteyG", and discovered that I am personally responsible for about half of the hits that the search turns up. That is both scary and cool. Scary, because it means I'm not under the radar as much as I might like to be, but it's cool because it feels like I'm a bit more of a "player" on the net. I do shit, cool shit, and shit that people pay attention to.

It also means that my chosen name (or given, if you believe the legends) is pretty unique. Not nearly as unique as Naspime... but close enough for me!

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Journal Journal: My second journal entry ever 2

I like my job. I get to do some neat, interesting things. The people are nice, as is the environment.

I even got my own cubicle (a temporary thing... fortunately?).

But from hour to hour... there's not so much for me to do. I add some .shtmls to an intranet every so often... and I perform some manual labor. But the project I was hired to work on has been put on the back burner temporarily.

So I bide my time, working on the project (which is beyond my powers to complete myself), teaching myself Python and Java off of Internet tutorials, and generally trying to keep my sharp edge from being dulled by lack of activity.

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Journal Journal: My very first journal entry 2

This is exciting. I've never had any kind of online journal or weblog before. I will see how this works out. With plenty of free computer time at work, I expect that this may be an important distraction.

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