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Journal Journal: Increased commenting

I've been commenting a lot lately. (9 in the past two days I think?) I randomly found the active discussion list, which not only lists all front-page stories but also recent journal entries.

It's amazing how many people are using their journals for the first time. (I only had to skim two pages of discussions to find four first-time entries.)

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Journal Journal: Crazy moderation..

So my comment to the "Aliens you find most alluring" poll was modded +3, Funny and Underrated. Don't people have more constructive things to do with their mod points? (Not that I ever use mine, but...)
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Journal Journal: Moderator Privs

November 1, I got my first 5 moderator points. I used one of them in four days, and lost the rest. Combing for comments is hard.
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Journal Journal: Comments 3

This whole Slashdot thing is one crazy animal. I clicked on this thread, and there were no comments. I had something to say, so I posted. Meanwhile, while I was typing, someone else posts a thread with the same title. Granted, the title was almost a gimmie, but then I was moderated +1 Interesting within a minute of posting.

Maybe I should take a nap and stop thinking about it. Interactive news sources? The future is now.

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Journal Journal: First Post =P

I figure every journal needs something in it. Maybe next time I'll even have something to talk about.

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