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Journal Journal: Front Page is teh sux, Mac mini, PSP and more. If I remember

Yes, Front Page is teh sux, but I'm pretty sure you know that already. Yes, we have in school and I'm using to make my portfolio. But when I ever I make a new page, there's some fugly frame layout there. So then I have switch into HTML view and delete everything there. It's just really damn annoying. I dunno, if I should mention to Kathy, the Director of Education that we should switch over to Mozilla Firefox and Nvu or the Mozilla Suite at least. (Nvu is to Firefox as Composer is to Mozilla) Maybe, just Nvu. I dunno. Hmmm, I wonder If I should get a Mac mini. They seem interesting and their so fuckinnnnnnng small! They don't cost much and it should be able to go in my room (this desk I'm using can remain cluttered) Maybe, I'll get a NeXTstation. Yes, a NeXTstation. I mean Black Hole Inc, sells them in the $100-600 range!!!! Hmmmm, I wonder if I should get a PSP. They were released today. I dunno, seem expensive. Now, I'm a Sony guy (well maybe not entirely) but I think the DS looks better. Ironically, the girl who I like alot ;) is a Nintendo gal. But she think she might the PSP. I don't know what else to mindlessly ramble about right now. Oh yes, Steam. I can't CS to load, just locks up. I miss WON :(

Journal Journal: Is Geeks fiction?

My Tutorial teacher (It's a class we have) I'm doing free reading. I'm reading Jon Katz's book geeks (half the reason I decided to come to Slashdot). But my teacher believes it's fiction. I don't think it is. I keep pointing out obvious points that it is non-fiction but she just kees not beliving it. Boy, this is a predictament.

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