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Journal Journal: The Onion on Vista

Highlights from the article:

  • Microsoft Word's helpful paper-clip icon now blinks at rate of normal humans
  • Five new card-back designs for Solitaire
  • Something that Apple would never, ever dream up in a billion years

Journal Journal: MySQL changes license to avoid GPLv3

Quoth Matthew Aslett:

Kaj Arno, MySQL VP of community relations, revealed the license change on his blog, on December 22, noting that the license for MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 had changed from "GPLv2 or later" to "GPLv2 only". As he explained, this was "in order to make it an option, not an obligation for the company to move to GPLv3".


Journal Journal: Yang's 'The Gazillion Bubble Show' Starts Jan. 17

Fan Yang will perform "The Gazillion Bubble Show" for the first time in New York beginning Wednesday, January 17th. He will perform at New World Stages Theatre (340 West 50th Street) for two limited engagements.

"Hailed by David Letterman of 'The Late Show' as 'The Greatest Bubble Artist in the World,' Fan Yang has created many unbelievable one of a kind creations with bubbles. He holds the Guinness World record for biggest bubble ever blown, the largest bubble wall ever created (a staggering 156 feet!), most bubbles within a bubble, and in May 2006, was able to encapsulate 22 people inside a single soap bubble on live television in Madrid," press notes state.

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