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Journal Journal: Graduation Project: The Great Marginalizer

North Carolina has implemented a method by which it has eliminated itself from the national graduation percentage. The Graduation Project, as it is known, is a three year long project designed to teach students how effectively present ideas in college. As of last year, it will be required to graduate from any high school in the state, regardless of gpa. It was also intended to keep students from dropping out. First mistake, believing that people will actually do it. Second mistake, making it a requirement to graduate. Why dont they eliminate grading? It would have the same effect. If this stays, the state board will find themselves as the lowest tier of the nation.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: New Idea for Moderation

Here is an idea that should eliminate any unnecessary "+ 1, Funny" moderation. How about a "+ 1, Geeky" moderation. Anything that falls into this category would be modded up. Of course it should be a "no karma bonus" mod, like + 1, Funny. The most common example is a star wars ref. This could be modded +1, Geeky. No longer funny, mod points would go at a much better pace. The opposite for this would be -1, Not Geeky.


Journal Journal: Who should go to Mars and Why 1

Simply put, Mars is a place where unless future travellers learn to live off the land, they will die. But, the main question is who should go to the red planet? I say that there should be one biologist, one geologist, two technical crewmen, and two Christians. The reasoning behind the first four is self explanitory, but the reason I say that Christians should be the first to Mars is because thier religion is one of hope. They would certainly be able to endure cabin fever, and still be optimistic. On Mars, Chiristians could look to God to prevent lonliness. As for what the christians should do, one should be a physciatrist and the other a doctor. Those people are the most logical choice for the first men to Mars.


Journal Journal: What Blockbuster Stands to gain from Circuit City 1

When blockbuster announced it wanted to buy circuit city, that has to be the dumbest move of their lives. They must either know something we don't or the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole. Other than those two, it would be a losing investment for them. Certainly, they could do better than Circuit City. Their costumer service is lousy, they have a small selection, and what they do have is very pricy. If I were the head of Blockbuster, I would go after Best Buy or Tiger Direct (assuming they are in it for the electronic, which they probably are).


Journal Journal: Why the public school system will fail 4

The title is very deceiving. The failure will not come from lack of funding (though it will come after the fact), but it will be from a lack of students. As the internet evolves, so does the accuracy of information that is posted online. This means that eventually, you could get a masters degree education just by looking online articles and using Wikipedia. This gives little reason to attend. Why on earth would students go to a school they care little about? It makes no sense. The students that do care about their education must see that the internet will replace all forms of teaching, and that will be the end of public schools. Everything will be self-learning, thus putting an end to middle and high schools. As for the universities, they will be unaffected because they are already using their resources to put their information online, effectively giving them a get-out-of-failure card. This is the future of public education, it is inevitable.


Journal Journal: Who would win? Darth Vader or Orochimaru? 2

In this battle, the answer should be obvious, but is in fact not.
Let us compare the two:


Darth Vader was once a Jedi, then he became the iconic figure he is today, then he sacrificed himself in the end. Orochimaru was a student to the Hokage, then he betrayed him, never again to look back.

I would call that a win for Orochimaru.

Weapons and Abilities

Vader may have the force and his trusty lightsaber, but Orochimaru, beyond a shadow of a doubt, has thousands of jutsu's at his disposal.

That makes two for Orochimaru.

Fan base

No question, Vader has this one.


This one goes to Vader also, he is timeless.

Theme music

For Darth, it is easy, imperial march (not sure on title). Orochimaru's is more sinister (sorry i don't have a link), Orochimaru Fight Theme.

Sorry star wars fanboys, this one goes to Orochimaru.

Death (my choice)

Although Orochimaru's is cool, nothing can sway me from giving this one to Vader.

It appears to be a tie. Still, in a actual battle, Orochimaru would pawn Darth.


Journal Journal: Why Avatar: The Last Airbender is awesome

Avatar may seem like a lot of people able to move the elements around them (not that that hasn't inspired fanboyism already), but it is good because it depicts mankind as he is. War, hate, fear, and all other afflictions we deal with and grow from are there. This doesn't mean that it is all bad. All the goodness every person is capable of is there. For example, forgiveness, friendship, and love. All play a part. All should be taken into account. This makes avatar the best show to date (in my opinion). In a sense, avatar is almost as good as Christianity. Almost. But not close enough.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I have been dissed by someone 3

Ok, just to clarify, I'm only 16. So here I am, trying to be a friend to some girl that I like and My mom gets a call saying that she is freaking out and her parents may bring up charges. How messed up is that? I didn't even do anything. All I did was to try to get to know her as a friend and now I'm labeled at my school. Time to transfer, again. All this cause I sent her a message from Facebook. Someone tell me that is messed up and her parents are psycho.

The Media

Journal Journal: Poll Question 1

Name of soon to be announced Microsft HD format

[x] Windows HD
[x] Vista HD
[x] HD Live
[x] 360 HD
[x] The new blu-ray
[x] Microsoft HD Player
[x] Over-priced, reinvented blu-ray
[x] I don't care
[x] Cowboy Neal HD

The Media

Journal Journal: How the Format wars could have been shorter

if blockbuster and wal-mart made their claim to blu-ray even a year after it's release, the format wars would have been over right there and then. Microsoft and Toshiba would have lost all their support much sooner. The reason being is that if consumers don't buy it, it won't matter who is making it.

Journal Journal: J.K. Rowling can't make an original villain 4

Through a few hours of research, I have found that the main villain of the harry potter series is more or less taken from Japanese lore, the same lore that the popular anime villain, Orochimaru, comes from. As I read it, I see more of the same telling in the Harry Potter books as the folktales. This leads me to beileve that Voldemort is not of an original design. Whats more, before Voldemort became evil, he was under the training of a main character, Dumbledorf (Orochimaru was a student of Jiriaya, also in the tale). Both fail at killing their former master, and both are killed by another follower of their former master (in the case of Orochimaru, it would be a Naruto like figure, although no name is given). Both also change their names and are corrupted by snake magic. Given this information, I can boldly say Voldemort is based off of Orochimaru, and Orochimaru (Naruto version) is somewhat based on Voldemort. In a sense, they are the same person. Creepy.

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