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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - 420 poll 1

OrochimaruVoldemort writes: I prefer to think of 4/20 as the day that:
i smoke myself to a new high
hitler was born
just another day
the 110 day of the year
a really bad monday(this year anyhow)

Journal Journal: Graduation Project: The Great Marginalizer

North Carolina has implemented a method by which it has eliminated itself from the national graduation percentage. The Graduation Project, as it is known, is a three year long project designed to teach students how effectively present ideas in college. As of last year, it will be required to graduate from any high school in the state, regardless of gpa. It was also intended to keep students from dropping out. First mistake, believing that people will actually do it. Second mistake, makin


Netscape Alums Tackle Cloud Storage 62

BobB-nw writes "A new cloud storage vendor is entering the market, promising an enterprise-class file system with snapshots, replication, and other features designed to simplify adoption for existing users and applications. Zetta, founded in 2007 by veterans of Netscape, has $11 million in funding and is coming out of stealth mode Monday with Enterprise Cloud Storage, a Web-based storage platform that will compete against Amazon's Simple Storage Service and a growing number of cloud vendors. Zetta's goal was to build a Web-based storage system that would be accepted by enterprise IT professionals for storing primary data. 'Data growth rates are staggering. In businesses you see growth rates of 40 to 60 percent year over year,' says CEO Jeff Treuhaft, a Zetta cofounder and formerly one of Netscape's first employees. Another Zetta cofounder is Lou Montulli, an early Netscape employee who invented Web cookies."
The Courts

Submission + - RIAA Backs Down in Texas Case (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "After receiving a Rule 11 Sanctions Motion (PDF) in a Houston, Texas, case, UMG Recordings v. Lanzoni, the RIAA lawyers thought better of proceeding with the case, and agreed to voluntarily dismiss the case 'with prejudice', which means it is over and cannot be brought again. The defendant's motion papers detailed some of the RIAA's litigation history against innocent individuals, such as Capitol Records v. Foster and Atlantic Recording v. Andersen, and argued that the awarding of attorneys fees in those cases has not sufficiently deterred repetition of the misconduct, so that a stronger remedy — Rule 11 sanctions — is now called for."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: New Idea for Moderation

Here is an idea that should eliminate any unnecessary "+ 1, Funny" moderation. How about a "+ 1, Geeky" moderation. Anything that falls into this category would be modded up. Of course it should be a "no karma bonus" mod, like + 1, Funny. The most common example is a star wars ref. This could be modded +1, Geeky. No longer funny, mod points would go at a much better pace. The opposite for this would be -1, Not Geeky.


Google Pulls Map Images At Pentagon's Request 217

Stony Stevenson alerts us to a little mixup in which a Google Street View crew requested and was granted access to a US military base. Images from inside the base (which was not identified in press reports) showed up online, and the Pentagon requested that they be pulled. Google complied within 24 hours. The military has now issued a blanket order to deny such photography requests in the future; for its part Google says the filming crew should never have asked.

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