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Comment Easily said (Score 1) 207

That court said the parents could have installed a firewall on their son's computer

For sure, all parents should be able to know how to configure multiple accounts with correct right management so that the other users cannot modify the firewall configuration, and configure a firewall to disallow all programs to connect to anything other then except a white list. Oh and they have to find a way to disable websocket from the browser.

as well as a security program that would have made it possible to only allow the child to install software with the consent of his parents.

And of course a 13 years-old kid is not capable of cracking that kind of crap.

They could have also moved to China.

Comment Not surprising (Score 2) 190

In France in the 90s I remember that a judge decided to grant compensation to people who got multiple sclerosis who claimed that it was linked to hepatitis B vaccine. Of course the scientific community completely debunked that link. The only reason some people who got it after vaccination was that tons of people got that vaccination at the same time, so coincidences were very very likely to happen.

Anyway, it is good thing for "equality of chances". If you sucked at school, you can become a judge.

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