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Journal Journal: Antipodean Travel


This is the sixth time in twelve months that I travel from one end of the world (NZ) to the other (de). It is interesting how your body reacts to the non-stop barrage of sunlight that you experience and even more weird how - whatever country you step out of the plane - everywhere there's CNN on, showing so called "embedded" journalism.

A rather unreal experience.

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Journal Journal: Weblog


As I am about to move from the UK to NewZealand, I've started a blog that will parse my way to that little piece of paradise in the South Pacific.


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Journal Journal: Redundant???


The story continues. Erratic moderation goes on: for a single, important comment that sparked 10 replies, I got a "redundant".


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Journal Journal: Troll??

Mmmh. Got trolled today for the first time. And a rather harmless comment it was as well. Odd. Do I smell a whiff of pro - republican sentiment here???

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