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Journal Journal: The Erotic Adventures of Eddy and Claire

On the fourth of June, 1994, a boy was born in Mason's Hill Hospital. His name was Edward, but he preferred Eddy. Five years later his sister was born. Her name was Claire. Eddy always had a certain fascination with Claire, but he was not sure why. He was not sure why for two years, when suddenly, he had a revelation.

The one thing Eddy wanted more than anything in the world was his sister's skin. He would often have dreams about feeling her skin brush seductively against his, of letting caressing its subtle contours, and of letting his fingertips wander across its soft surface, examining its delicate texture and sampling its inviting warmth.

Eleven years hence, these thoughts still had not left him. The dreams still pervaded his sleep, growing more intense with each retelling, until Eddy could no longer contain his emotion. He had had enough of dreaming. Now was the time to act.

Eddy returned to his parent's house at midday. He had only left a few months ago, several weeks after he turned eighteen, and still had his old set of keys for the front door. Eddy proceeded calmly to the door. He had nothing to fear. The neighbours all knew him, and would not suspect anything was afoot, should they see him. His parents would both be at work, and Claire, now thirteen, would be at school. No one would be home for another four hours. Plenty of time.

Eddy opened the door, and proceeded up the stairs. He paused, realising his error in leaving the door unlocked. His parents never left the door unlocked. Eddy locked the door, and content that nothing else was amiss, continued on his way. He entered Claire's bedroom and hid under the bed. While hiding, Eddy reached into his trousers and drew his weapon.

Eddy's weapon was ten inches long, and surrounded by a smooth shin. It had a slight bulge on the end, and the moistness of Eddy's hand made it glisten in the light. It was a flat sap with a spring in the handle. Eddy had chosen the device with a view to knocking Claire out rapidly, yet without too great a probability of killing her. It was also one of the relatively few weapons that would do the job without damaging her skin. He had worked too hard to ruin everything now.

That thought in his mind, Eddy was determined not to let anything stand in his way. But for that to happen, he would have to remain highly alert for anything that might serve as a warning. Any indicator that something was wrong. A bird singing in the tree. The neighbour's cat falling off a fence, struck by a stone from their son's catapult. Nothing out of the ordinary. A pack of degenerates walking past. Could pose a problem. Sirens in the distance, steadily drawing closer.

Suddenly, Eddy found himself seized by doubt. Were those police sirens? Eddy would be unable to do his work in the presence of policemen. Eddy calmed himself. He would succeed, no matter what.

A fire engine raced by, seconds before Claire crossed the road. She walked slowly towards the door, then hesitated. She always had to turn the key twice in the lock, why not today? She dismissed the concern as paranoid and hurried upstairs. It was a hot day and she felt most oppressed wearing her school uniform, so she wasted no time in removing it. Suddenly Claire froze. What was that sound? Where was it coming from? Behind the door? No. In the wardrobe? No. Under the bed?

Eddy had been quite enjoying the show, as the growing pool of fluid on the floor attested to, but now he stopped dead, wondering what to do now. Claire stared at him, Eddy stared back. Claire drew back and was about to scream, when Eddy pounced on her and clubbed her over the head. Eddy bent down and placed his hands on her chest, partly to see if she was still breathing, and partly for sexual gratification. Upon satisfying himself that she was still alive, he let his fingers linger there for a little longer, then dragged the body away.

It was a long drive home for Eddy, and he would have to remain watchful for police cars. He would never be able to explain away the unconscious girl in the boot of his car. Fortunately Eddy was not going home, but to the nearest slaughterhouse. He would need their facilities dearly.

Claire woke up naked, hanging upside down in a meat locker. There was an unholy gleam in Eddy's eyes as he picked up a skinning knife from the table and approached her. Claire fainted.

Eddy knew how to skin animals. He had studied how to for just such an occasion. He knew the lines along which to cut, and he knew how to adapt them for a human. Eddy let the blade caress her thigh for a moment, then began to apply pressure. The blade bit into her flesh, as Eddy drew it upwards. Minutes later, Claire was dead. Her organs fell onto the floor, but the floor was otherwise quite clean, and so Eddy did not need to place anything beneath her to prevent them from becoming tainted. They would be soon enough, anyway.

Eddy squatted down over the pile of offal, becoming more and more aroused with every second. Suddenly he lost all control, and ejaculated in his pants. How embarrassing. He continued, however, until he heard footsteps approaching. He grabbed a cleaver from the table, and waited by the door.

To be continued...

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