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Comment Re:Looks highly dubious to me... (Score -1) 546

That's a cute statement. But irrelevant.

If more light is shed on KKK members, skeletons in their past will emerge. On the other hand, as is the case for a mayor on the list, it will be clear that they don't belong on the list.

And read my post - I didn't advocate for this release, I'm saying that maybe this is what Anon thought when they published it.

Comment Plasma 5 breaks a lot of stuff (Score 5, Informative) 43

I vastly prefer KDE to everything else, however don't go wiping your PCs and installing KDE/Plasma 5 because of the eye-candy. A bunch of stuff is still not ready, relative to KDE 4. Example, few workspace widgets, for example, no Quick Launch, only 1 weather widget. Widgets not resizeable. The wi-fi/network connection app something thinks it is connecting, when is already is connected. Sign-in screen doesn't know to use your pic/avatar. No way to use Emerald themes (Smaragd was usable in KDE 4). And so on.

Very usable, but a big drop in functionality as things are worked on. Yeah, I know it is a more elegant framework, etc. etc.


.NET 4.6 Optimizer Bug Causes Methods To Get Wrong Parameters 149

tobiasly writes: A serious bug in the just-released .NET 4.6 runtime causes the JIT compiler to generate incorrectly-optimized code which results in methods getting called with different parameters than what were passed in. Nick Craver of Stack Exchange has an excellent write-up of the technical details and temporary workarounds; Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and submitted an as-yet unreleased patch.

This problem is compounded by Microsoft's policy of replacing the existing .NET runtime, as opposed to the side-by-side runtimes which were possible until .NET 2.0. This means that even if your project targets .NET 4.5, it will get the 4.6 runtime if it was installed on that machine. Since it's not possible to install the just-released Visual Studio 2015 without .NET 4.6, this means developers must make the difficult choice between using the latest tools or risking crippling bugs such as this one.

Comment Re:Good ruling (Score 1) 144

No, it isn't a subtle distinction, it's a massive one. The police are trained to and it is their job to make these decisions correctly.

In all of the highly-publicized recent cases they did not is remarkable - in spite of many times that number of correct judgements by other officers - because they made poor judgements in egregious ways, escalated their behavior out-of-control, and in some cases, planted exculpatory evidence.

Comment Re:Start with an erroneous world view ... (Score 2) 181

Oh, they probably haven't driven on city streets either. With America's crumbling infrastructure. city streets are pothole-ridden messes, with traffic-calming, school buses, bike lanes, and other interesting twists; and unpredictable traffic including cyclists darting between motorized vehicles. Not only is it unpredictable, but it changes day-to-day - with construction, schools being in or out of session, and any of the other obstacles that the city likes to throw in drivers' way.

The people who come up with this crap are those who will benefit from it financially if/when idiot-lawmakers allocate money to it. The real solution is funding planned infrastructure renewal and intelligent traffic planning and control. Butt that is hard, unsexy, actual work that requires real engineers - not political appointees and tenured "seniority" employees.

Comment Re:HOWTO (Score 5, Informative) 1081

You can expect anything you want, but it isn't happening. Here for example, is an innocent executed by Texas using a bogus "expert."

You've never heard of the "Innocence Project", I take it.

Vengeance by the state is certainly not the same as revenge, it is a severely broken system, fed by an electorate that is easily swayed by simplistic made-up origin stories (Fox News), prosecutors who want scalps for career advancement, and in love with militaristic nonsense; and a system which is disproportionately harsh on minorities.

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