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Japan Reluctant To Disclose Drone Footage of Fukushima Plant 335

garymortimer writes with word that "footage taken from an RQ-4 Global Hawk drone was passed on to the Japanese government with permission for public release from the US Air Force. US military sources said that the decision to release the footage — or not — was up to the Japanese government." The Japanese government, though, has thus far chosen not to release the high-resolution footage of the tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.

Comment Re:Call the Fire Marshal (Score 1) 371

Low-voltage doesn't apply under the same codes as electrical work, though there is some overlap. However, I've seen these contracts, and they never say anything about installation quality.

If you THREATEN a lawsuit, they might fix the situation. If you actually FILE a lawsuit, they'll remove their equipment and terminate their contract. (Another thing they're allowed to do in almost all of these contracts.) Then you don't have any actual damages to sue over.\

Also, they're barely in the red. They'll reclaim what they paid to their sub-contractor for the installation. The loss of customer service man-hours would be a drop in the bucket for most ISP's.

NOTE: I'm a low-voltage technician specializing in commercial locations.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 371

Depends on if you work for an ISP or for a contractor company. An ISP, you'd make a little more starting out. A contractor company, you'd make enough, but you wouldn't have benefits and you'd pay your own taxes, so, meh.

Comment Not Suprised (Score 4, Insightful) 371

Note: I'm a low-voltage tech.

This kind of stuff doesn't suprise me. It's the nature of the industry. People don't want to pay $200 for a decent quality install, so a lot of the independent guys try to lowball where they can. Contractor companies will hire anyone to do the work, and they'll be lucky if they get a half a week of training. Most ISP's contract out their installs to these companies. (Mine is the exception to that fortunately.) This installer was probably never trained on this stuff, and his employer probably expected him to do it anyways or they wont use him anymore.

Quest probably leases the lines and contracts the installations through AT&T, who then contracts the installs through someone else. (Can't confirm this though.) That's why Quest told the customer to call their "primary phone service provider", although I think Quest should have done this work for them.

PlayStation (Games)

Gran Turismo 5 To Be Released November 24th 110

UgLyPuNk writes "After many, many delays, Gran Turismo 5 has finally gotten a solid release date: November 24th. ('Tis the season for vaporware titles to emerge into the real world, it seems.)" Eurogamer posted a preview of the game back in August, saying, "It's been a whirlwind of features and car chatter, beneath which the game still looks fantastic. It may have been in development for the whole of this console generation, but the technical arms race has slowed down and GT5 still looks as good as any other racing game we've seen, and it is, to say the least, comprehensive." Joystiq has a video of the course maker and a collection of screenshots.

Comment Re:Am I Missing Something Here? (Score 1) 252

And even for DVD-R disks, gigabyte for gigabyte hard disks are still cheaper

Am I missing something? A 100-pack of Verbatim DVD+R's (470 GB) are being sold at Newegg for $27, whereas a 1.5 TB hard drive is going for $100. Personally, each one has its uses. A hard drive is much easier and faster once installed, but I can give DVD's to friends, especially my less tech-savvy ones.


Scientists Say a Dirty Child Is a Healthy Child 331

Researchers from the School of Medicine at the University of California have shown that the more germs a child is exposed to, the better their immune system in later life. Their study found that keeping a child's skin too clean impaired the skin's ability to heal itself. From the article: "'These germs are actually good for us,' said Professor Richard Gallo, who led the research. Common bacterial species, known as staphylococci, which can cause inflammation when under the skin, are 'good bacteria' when on the surface, where they can reduce inflammation."

Comment Re:optical structured cabling? (Score 1) 179

Cat6 is not currently capable of handling CATV from decent cable providers. Many of them are using every frequency up to 1GHz, and cat6 is not designed for that. Besides that, the dB loss on cat6 is huge compared to some decent RG6 coax. Those video adapters are decent for running a single video stream, but they can't support things like QAM 256 modulation or even a high-def uncompressed stream.

For the time being, I usually recommend a minimum of two cat6 lines and one RG6 coax line ran everywhere you might think you want a phone, ethernet, or cable outlet. Use conduit and pull string if you really want to be on the safe side. And use low-voltage boxes, not electrical boxes!

Comment Re:Use the line to pull other lines into your outl (Score 1) 635

This is by FAR the best use for this cable. As someone who does low-voltage wiring for a living, i can tell you that in almost every house the POTS phone wiring is useless for almost everything else but phone and as a pull string. *Sometimes* you'll have cat5 or cat5e in new homes, but half the time those are daisy-chained anyways.

Use it as a pull-string for 2-3 cat6 wires (or at least cat5e), 1-2 coax RG-6 wires, and an actual pull string. And put low-voltage wall rings in the wall if you can, or else you'll be lucky to get a wall plate on it with even a single coax connection. Home-run all the lines to a central location; NEVER daisy-chain if you can avoid it (and it wont work at all if you want to use the cable for networking. You don't have to actually terminate all these connections behind the wall, but if you add even a single outlet in the future you'll be saving yourself time. Also, it definitely wont hurt your resale value.

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