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Journal Journal: FatFive!

Ok in know the real name of the "other plug" that you have for a keyboard. AT plug right? Well sence I was just a gimply little snot nosed floppy trader I have called the the AT/DIN keyboard "FatFive" sence the first day I saw it. I think the exact sentence was "Hand me that keyboard with the FatFive plug on the end of it!". Given the name for the clear reason that the plug was Fat and it had Five pins.

Every person in the world that I have had contact with now calls this particular plug a "FatFive" and I have done extensive searches on it in google to come up with nothing. It resurfaced when I moved back to Florida from New York and heard a fellow at the Navy Base say my charished word. I started to tap at him to figure out where and when he started to use FatFive as I had never once meet that man. Turns out he went to school in Ill, with someone that I went to highschool with. Who had heard the term from me. It is a word virus and has now grown out of my control.

So the FatFive plug nick name was born way back in the day and is making a strong showing. Sweet!

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Journal Journal: Beef Jerky time!

Is it just a southern thing? I love this stuff, it is like a gift from the gods. Beer, Jerky, and StarWars...perfect. Throw in a couple of passes behind the wakeboard boat, some head high glassy surf, and a pizza we are in heaven.

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Journal Journal: Developer Admin relations.

Can someone tell me why on earth the Developers and the Admin staff of a programing company are always about to kill each other.

I know my reasons, being on both sides of this fence but I would be interested in what others have to say. Is it the finger pointing when the server goes down. Lack of support? Lack of tested code?

I find that where I work it is all of the above. More often than most it is poor code because of the unreal time lines these guys are put under. Which then produces really crappy code that floats about as well a a brick.

What is the solution? I can't really fight for them for more time, I can't retrain the QA department, and they don't seem to mind working 80 hours a week to push this crap out. Just twists my tit a bit when server farms start to crash, application servers are at 100% untilization, and our sql servers are not responding. All 20 minutes after a code push to production at 2am. ahhh...well, screw it...end rant here.

Do I sounds bitter? - HA!


Journal Journal: MMPOGS

Anyone else get bored out of their skull with the games that are being pushed out now days? It has come to my attention that if it is not a really really solid xbox/play2/game3 fps I don't like it. On the same note if it is a computer game it has to be an mmpog or I just don't really get into it.

Is it me? I admit I like the whole level building thing, muds had a good hold on me at one time in college. To the point that I had trouble waking up to go surfing. Which was what broke my little addiction at the time...don't tread on my surfing time.

So what is the deal anyone? Is it the human element to want to play with out people...ok get you mind out of the gutter. Or is it that AI is not good enough yet? Or worse, what if I am just plain getting tired of playing games....

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