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Journal Journal: Examples of Lurker moderation on Slashdot!

Greetings and blessings from a Network Redundancy Administrator, dude! That is one of the many persons derived from a bullshit-generator and performed by Gregory (author for this journal). I have a message for all you wicked people, lurker moderators trying to impugn and quash the honest use of the Slashdot moderation process:

Don't be like a Oregon Judicial Department "judge" that says "Facts are not an issue."

Continuing a tense, in reply to the slander of my character by lurker moderators; Does working for any form of "government" demand surrender of others to another man's pride in said "government", or unconditional subjection of others to the point of slandering a record foreign to a dispute? Consider lurker moderation; when thoughts are posted and can't be addressed immediatly due to any concern of their character (prejudice), but meanwhile attention is intentionally misplaced in an unrelated forum in parallel that is all but abandoned, whereas a person with moderator intentionally moderates with prejudice based on comments made in another unrelated forum only after believing none but the post author knows the negatory moderations. There you have it. A coward in the marking.

There is no other way for me to explain it as such. My Slashdot person, "nradude", once having GOOD "karma" now has only POSITIVE "karma" due to lurker moderation. The two posts that incited the lurker moderations were in response to someone boasting of having a role in the employment of government in the STATE OF OREGON. Me, having been aware of the exploits of the STATE OF OREGON and its SOSCF child thief division, responded appropriatly as would any Californian would respond to a bad neighbor: honestly. My two posts never were challenged, but there was a lurker. This post and this post aroused a moderator to lurk other unrelated posts. Many people would ask why I would write such, but it is all I could write given the circumstances. An issue needed more publicity than what was received. The Child Theft endured by brother Wilbur and Sister Pamela, their struggle, their victory, the recent death of sister Pamela, and the still thieved child. Anyone looking for an action-thriller story, including free courtroom videos of impeaching, abating, and arresting licentious executive administrators operating a perpresture posing as a judge, and learn some common law and its application, HERE IT BEGINS FOR THE GASTONS! Read it at your own risk, then return to the root of that website and begin your trek into reading the nightmare and the triumphs of one family body of the thousands plundered by the STATE OF OREGON SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILES (SOSCF). How would you like to be served, rarely or well-done?

Yet, this journal entry is about lurker moderation. The two URLS to the above slashdot posts aroused a moderator to lurk into unrelated forum and slander unrelated and honest and informative posts; of which are this informative post of an Quake3 modification (entertainment), this verry detailed post on my thoughts of Negotiable Instruments Law, and this post of my on-topic jest at music players being more than music players (which had no modeation attention but within the reach of the lurking moderator that hates men).

I recently contacted the blessed Slashdot editor Rob (Malda) about this feast of bad moderation, and bless his soul he commented as to look into the matter; of which I inquired on the status and uncovered another blessed Slashdot editor Robert (not Malda, but a helpful Robert). To this day due to lurking moderation, I have been unable to post from this FREE wireless gateway next to a Subway sandwhich shoppe. The Slashdot person "NRAdude" is not banned, just the IP. It makes me bad moderator can ruin an honest man's posting record and slander a perfectly good IP address.

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Browse at -1 today; Karma depends on it!!

The most dedicated Slashaholics post anonymous to respond to posts with sensative content that is doubting to benefit an account's record. Perhaps the verry fact that people are slowly growing unweary of spreading their thoughts without anonymity among slanderous censors is the cause for Slashdot's deteriorating fan factor. I began posting on Slashdot around in the Year of Our Lord one-thousand-and-nine-hundred-and-ninety-and-eight and it was a verry clean place. The trolls were such fortunate to always be noticed and replaced to -1, yet today's trolls are crafty: they sell you water while its raining outside. I'm talking about those trolls...that have an answer for everything, and are subscribers to Slashdot. Is that all it takes to raise moderation points: send a Slashdot secretary fiat money from the Federal Reserve System insurance policy & credit monopoly? I hear anti-slash websites are gaining visitors and opening their own piggy-bank for subscribers to gain access to a better quarry of intellectual commentaries adjusted to Slashdot news forums to collude greater moderation; NRAdude is not among them. It is obvious NRAdude is not among them trolls. I would be posting above -1 if I was among their exploits. Adopt NRAdude! NRAdude's posting record is witnessed to not troll. Browse at -1, because patriots of Slashdot depend on it: we are being slandered by the real trolls in a giant switch of thought. Imagine, all those physics genius and self-witness declaratory posts, in such high frequency to quash the unquestionble knowledge of CmdrTaco articles. It's almost as if they are all... Har! Slashdot has been commandeered by trolls!

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