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Journal Journal: The strange case of the self-hating American apologists

Hmmm. It seems whenever there's a posting about companies moving jobs overseas (usually to India) there are a bajillion comments to be made. One of the more interesting things that is always said a hundred times is "where do we get off as Americans thinking we're entitled to xyz".

This is interesting because I can't recall being that much of an apologist for the US since I was a teenager, and I wonder if that's where these comments are coming from? Surely a working adult wouldn't sponsor the idea of their sector moving jobs to another country? Where does this attitude come from? "Please, take my neighbor's job and give it to that poor man in India. Poor, poor Indian man. Here, have my sandwich, too."

OK I'm being silly but there's a point here somewhere.

It's OK to feel a little guilty about having more than someone else I guess, but I think that should clearly stop at the borders of your nation. It's literally dog-eat-dog when you're dealing with other nations, there's no room for mercy or pity or guilt. Nations make war. There's not a policeman (not the UN, nor the US) to seek justice or to help get something back if it's stolen by a nation. It's a big, bad world out there. Genocide is carried out everyday in parts of it.

Conclusion: regarding national affairs, be it the exportation of jobs or unsavory military actions, if it's us or them, I choose us.

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