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Comment So it's not on purpose? (Score 1) 97

I always figured it was on purpose, the better to keep conversations about the same topic together. Seemed a bit ham-handed but I figured they had a reason. I mean there's no way they could not have known about it is there? All you would have to do would be to glance at one of the major stories and it would be obvious that the comments do not pertain to it directly and are old with thousands of responses.

Comment Re:Nothing of value actually (Score 1) 379

I actually watch a ton of stuff on tv land and nick@nite, and when they recently started showing infomercials instead of shows at 3 or 4 am I was fairly peeved. But this is far more annoying.

This kind of thing should never make it to the customer. As the customer, I don't care where you get channels from or what you pay, I only care about what I agreed to pay for what I agreed to buy. After the whole NFL network debacle (which is still ongoing), if they do this I'm going to have to finally get directv or that u-verse crap.

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