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Submission + - SPAM: What are the benefits of using Miswak?

MuslimAcademy writes: "Miswak is toothpaste that makes from natural ingredients. Miswak is using for like thousands of years for maintaining oral hygiene properly. Through a research, it has been revealed that, miswak works much better than other forms of toothpastes. Miswak has been preferred in Muslim Culture as they truly believe that, our beloved prophet Mohammad (May peace be upon him) used to clean his teeth with natural form of toothpaste."
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Submission + - SPAM: Othman Ebn Affan

MuslimAcademy writes: "As I mentioned before, Othman Ebn Affan converted to Islam in its early stages, as he went to the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and the Prophet said “O Othman, Allah invites you to his Jannah (Heaven) and you need to respond, as I find you a wise man”, so Othman suddenly said the testimony and entered Islam. After this situation it was normal to see a lot of people in Kurysh and in Othman’s family, starting to fight him and work hard to force him leave Islam."
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Submission + - SPAM: Mengapa Media Dunia Islam Diam Saja Terhadap Pembantaian di Myanmar?

MuslimAcademy writes: "Pembunuhan kaum Muslim di Myanmar meningkat dari hari ke hari dan semua orang membicarakannya di setiap media sosial. Hal paling mengejutkan semua orang yang menjadi perhatian dan pertanyaan adalah mengapa media kelihatan bungkam terhadap tindakan kriminal dalam masalah ini?"
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Submission + - SPAM: The Divine Book Quran Revealed by Gabriel

MuslimAcademy writes: "Islam always guides us for spending our lives with good manners and according to that instruction which Allah Gives us by sent down His Messengers and Holy Books. We can find all the instruction, knowledge, and invitation for observation the Lord’s creation however it is about a little insect or huge space that bound the earth in its specific orbit. We can learn all this through The Divine Book Qura’an revealed by the Grand Angel of Allah whose name is Gabriel."
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