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Journal Journal: You know you are a Tucsonan when...

You know you are a Tucsonan when...

1) Y'all is considered grammatically correct.

2) You've had an argument with your friend over whether Ford or Chevy makes the better car.

3) You know Fry's is a Super Market but you don't know Fry's is also the name of a computer store and you find this very strange and confusing.

4) You know who Jim Click is.

5) The seasons are different: 2 weeks of Summer, 50 weeks of Hell.

6) You greet people by saying "Yo." and they reply "Sup."

7) You have cactus growing wild in your yard.

8) You have bought a cactus and have it in your kitchen or living room.

9) You have been to a day game at Tucson Electric Park in the middle of July and don't mind sitting in the sun.

10) You are unaware that Arizona has a state song.

11) All your stories somehow revolve around excess consumption of alcohol and firearms.

12) You have attended a concert that sucked so bad you blew it off and spent the rest of the day at the Desert Museum.

13) You are driving down the freeway in a 75mph zone going 90mph and get passed.

14) You bundle up when the tempature is 78 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside ( 25.5 Celsius.)

15) You have both casual and formal blue jeans.

16) You don't know what is in the water you drink out of the fountain and you don't care.

17) You pronounce Arizona as "Zona."

18) You prononce "Inke" as in "Fred Inke Golf course" correctly as "Ink". Yes, the 'e' is silent.

19) Food sold in a Mexican-style restraunt is the same stuff you and your neighbors cook.

20) You have seen it hail in August and it was warm out.

21) You realize all the IT guys that know what they are doing wear cowboy boots, blue jeans, a button down shirt and a cowboy hat.

22) You can't find Mexico or Canada on a map.

23) You pledge allegiance to nobody.

24) Your weekends are spent getting stoned.

25) You have at least three sheads on your property.

26) You have played games and have used cactus as boundry markers.

27) The only time you ever see the metric system in on the freeway. (We have a lot of trucks comming across from Mexico.)

28) The Boarder Partol knocks on the door and asks if the illegal aliens waiting to be picked up can have some water from your hose.

29) All your local tourist attractions are related to holes in the ground.

30) The most popular place for conception to occour at your highschool is in the restrooms.

31) You are a liberal who hates Bush and would rather vote for Satan but don't care enough to register to vote.

32) You learned the hard way to not pet the furry looking cactus.

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Journal Journal: In the News: Surely a Sign of the End Times 1

So in the news today is the attempted kidnapping of David Letterman's children, another school shooting, A man still being held hostage by Arab terrorists, and IBM wants to fight spam by sending it back to the server that sent it thus doubling the load of all servers in-between. (So-callied Liberals would also claim that the election of Bush is another sign, however if John Kerry was elected the so-called conservatives would be saying something similar and that the terrorists would have won.)

Yes, these are surely signs of the end times. But you know what, signs of the end times have been around since before recorded times. "Life is suffering,. . ." is an idea that religions have been built around. Buddha sat around for 40 days to come up with that tid-bit of knowlege.

"In every life a little rain must fall." "When it rains, it pours." "Life is unfair." "Shit happens." "Why Me?" "What did I do to deserve this?" "Life is a box of chocolates. . ."

Bad things happen. They always have and always will. Those are the parts of life we must work through and survive.

Buddha was partly right; there is suffering in life but life is not suffering. We must accept the things we can not change and do what we can with the rest. The only people without worries in their life are those who are too out of their minds to be aware of their environment be it denial or whatever.

Reguardless of whatever you do with your life, enjoy it. We have free will so if you want to be happy then you have everything that you need except maybe a plan.

Also, don't tell people the world is going to end. Not only has it been done but you have as little chance of being right as all those who have come before you and you will be just as annoying.

1) Bad things happen. Good things usually take effort to overcome the bad.

2) If you can't do anything about it, don't dwell on it. It's not productive.

3) Work with what you can with what you have. Miracles are usually earned, not given.

4) Don't dwell on the bad stuff, it's not the end of the world. If you have survived your ordeal intact then brush yourself off and do something with your life.

5) The world will end when it is good and ready so shut up about it. If the past is any indicator of the future then the world will begin again. Life is cyclical. (Actual results may vary.)

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Journal Journal: Happy Thursday

For many today is the beginning of March Maddness, for others it will be St. Patrick's Day, and for me it will be Thursday.
Happy Thursday, regardless of whatever it means to you.

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Journal Journal: Adventures in the Mundane

Replaced the kitchen sink. Reguardless of what the directions say step one is always remove your wallet from your back pocket. God smiled apon me as I was able to replace the cold water shutoff valve and the faucet without any leaks on the first try. Not bad for my second plumbing job.
-- 2005-02-09 --

Helped my fater replace a car speaker, head light and tail light.
-- 2005-02-10 --

Saint Valentine's Day is comming up. Maybe I should do something normal for my girlfriend. This would probably work out the best since Game Daze was out of Cthulhu plushes so I can't mod a Valentine's Cthulhu. Maybe some chocolate and anime.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln Feb. 12, 1809. Actually we celebrate it on whatever day President's Day ends up being to create a three-day weekend. Oh well.
-- 2005-02-12 --

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Journal Journal: The most wondrous thing happened to me today.

Today I indirectly received an e-mail from my best friend from highschool. Unfortunately I had lost touch with her after she had moved and something like seven years later she has contacted me out of the blue. This was a much needed event.

Note: e-mail via proxy is slow when people do not check their e-mail.


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Journal Journal: Day of the Mexicans

This happened earlier this year and I forget exactly when.

That evening I was working on something on the computer while my parents watched TV when we heared a loud knock on the door and someone shouted "Boarder Partol!" and the dogs started barking. Living in rural Southern Arizona this isn't a very unlikely event, but it was still a big suprise.

I had no idea what was going on. Did they think we were harboring illegal aliens in a post-September-eleventh environment? Was there a problem? Did somebody jump the wall into our back yard?

The three of us came to the door and my parents held the dogs back. I said "Just a moment," turned the porch light on and opened the door.

Standing there was a Boarder Partol agent from Nogales with a flash light and he politely said, "Hi. How do you get to the main road from here?"

I felt relieved that it was nothing serious.

He then said "I found these guys running through your back yard and need to get a van down here to pick them up." as he turned and shined his flashlight on thirteen Mexicans sitting in our front yard looking back at us. Yes, I counted.

They were wearing sneakers, blue-jean pants, t-shirts, and some had baseball caps. They were wearing the type of clothes I wear.

I have no idea why they followed the boarder patrol agent's instructions but they were very polite and did not try to run.

We let them use our hose for water and they were very polite and said thank you. One asked for my name but I didn't say anything. (I can understand at least that much Espanól.) They were still strangers after all.

That was the largest number of guests we ever entertained so far.

My father gave directions to our home over the phone to the boarder partol agents so they could get a van to where they were.

We found out that the Mexicans had abandoned a vehicle that was transporting them and had ran through our neighbor's property and were either shot at them or was shooting in the air to scare them off. Maybe that's why nobody tried to run off. The boarder patrol agent had a large gun on him as well. The van eventually came and picked them up to eventually drop them off at the boarder so they could eventually try to cross over again. There is a season, turn, turn, turn. . .


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Journal Journal: Food for Thought

Last time I visited Mike-one I brought with me a box of some extra food that was given to my mother. He asked me "What is that?"
Me: "It's a box."

Mike: "What's in it?"

Me: "You know those places where you can drop off food and stuff for the homeless?"

Mike: "Yah?"

Me: "Nobody was looking."

For those of you who don't know me that well yes, I was kidding. 2004-11-24

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Journal Journal: Mean Drivers

Today I was driving home at around 1:30am after a productive evening making some intro tapes at the public access TV studio. Please keep in mind that bars close at 1:00am here and the jerk I ran into is probably driving home drunk. Driving home on a long streach of road the guy driving in front of me decides to flip me off for a few miles then begins to flip me off while driving 30mph under the speed limit. I tried passing him twice but he sped up to keep me from passing and even looked like he tried to move in front of me to block me.

This made me angry until I realized that I was driving a large powerful truck and he was driving a small pissant car that could easily be rammed off the road into the nearby cactus and bushes. He probably had no idea what a bad situation he was putting himself in and that I was the one with all the power.

Now I suddenly understand the game "Grand Theft Auto". Someone probably has a similar experience and though about dragging the jerk from his car, taking the car, and running the jerk over with his own car. If you must run somone over, do it in a video game.

I guess the important thing to remember is "Never underestimate the human ability to create chaos."

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Journal Journal: I survived yet another easter. 1

Ever since I was eleven years old the Easter Bunny has tried to kill me. I have devoted much of my time to discovering why we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with an anthropomorphic rabbit (i.e. Easter Bunny) who gives out chocolate eggs to children. I now realize that this Easter Bunny is a ruse to distract us from it's true purpose: the elimination of Diabetic Americans.

So anyway on Easter Sunday I decided to go to bed early figuring that the evil sugar bunny wouldn't be stoping by this year like the years before ever since moving out to the middle of nowhere.

I fell asleep and had a nightmare about marshmallow rabbits trying to feed me chocolate eggs painted with bright colors to try and make them look like common decorated chicken eggs. While in the nightmare the marshmallow rabbits ran into my mouth and continued to breed from within I awoke and cought a glimpse of that Easter creature darting from my room. On the ground lay a few broken candy easter eggs with the gooey nougat center oozing out.

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Journal Journal: Conflict USB Storm

Well I finally got some help with the USB problem and it turns out that the motherboard has an on-board UHCI USB Controller. I recompiled my kernel without the UHCI Controller (Compiled in only the OHCI one for my OPTi USB card) and everything now works as it should.

I still think that there is a Linux UHCI issue with that on-board UHCI controller though because errors showed up running dmesg even when I removed the OPTi USB Card. Oh well, that's someone else's problem and I really can't mess with that computer right now.

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Journal Journal: Up in Smoke 1

At last Friday's LAN party Mike-two's computer had problems powering on. It had power; I saw an LED light on inside. He unpluged everything from it and I took a look inside.

Everything seemed fine. I plugged the power back in and turned it on. I said "Hey Mike, it's on!", looked down, saw smoke (light gray or white), screamed, and unplugged it.

Mike took it in to have it looked at and aparently a capacitor on it fried. The people looking at it said it probably was caused by a power surge. Since Mike always kept it on a serge protected powerstrip it was probably caused by a bad power supply.

Mike seems to be taking everything very well because he bought an extended warranty on the motherboard and because he has a 150Mhz Pentium to fall back on to.

Today's lesson: See? Smoking really is bad for your health regardless of if you are a human or a computer. :p


Journal Journal: My modem is now my bitch, as things should be.

So things started off with my modem being a bitch without being my bitch. Not good.

I finally got my US Robotics/3Com modem working under Debian GNU/Linux. It's the weirdest thing. The box said that it was Linux compatible (which it is) and the support page had a .rpm they said to install. I converted the .rpm to a .deb file and went through the scripts and couldn't get the thing to work. The scripts wouldn't work! They said the modem would use /dev/ttyS3 by default. (WRONG!)

When I tried to run setserial on /dev/ttyS3 it would tell me the port was already in use. (It would have been nice if it told me it was in use by ttyS4 !)

Keep in mind the following :-
COM5 does not exist in Windows reality with out a weird driver to give Windows 9x an acid trip. My US Robotic driver does do this, although the support page seems to describe this as being forwared to COM4, or the other way around. At any rate I am sure they thought it was a good idea at the time.

I finally ran `dmesg | less` and found an entry saying something about my modem being on ttyS4 which was a device that didn't exist. I ran `MAKEDEV ttyS4` and everything suddenly worked!

My BIOS has a setting allowing me to tell it my modem is either using int 3, int 4, or none. Because my USR/3Com modem uses int 5 I set it to none. I think this has something to do with perserving the modem interrupt so it does not get remaped, but Windows seems to remap it to int 10 anyway.

Why Windows likes to remap things so they share interrupts even when there are free interrupts is strange logic to me, but that's Windows for you; so smart it thinks it is smarter than you (and that's all it really ever knows for sure.)

Next up is to get Debian to work okay with Linux Kernel 2.6.1 which I heard stable doesn't do well. Time to upgrade to SID. KDE 2.x may not be the worlds best desktop, but what bloatedness will KDE 3.x bring? Maybe it's time to track down blackbox, blackice, whatever that nice window manager is called. Maybe I should try 2.4.24 first.

KDE 2.x also had a pesky little problem of having the sound broken except for the root user by default. I hope the next upgrade fixes that. Yah, I made my own fix, but an ugly fix.

Linux seems to do everything I want, has the software packages I want, and the stablity I want. It just takes me learning more about Linux than I ever wanted to know to get it to work. I the long run this is probably a good thing, but for the avrage user figuring out they need to run `MAKEDEV ttyS4` is asking too much.

I wonder if IBM will ever start selling PCs with an IBM Distro of GNU/Linux with IBM software support. Sell the support @ $10 to $20 for a years support (the automated binary updates for your system) and a distro on a disk @ $20 and you could make a nice profit. All you need to do to charge money to make a profit is throw in some coustom IBM packages related to a multi-media keyboard and IBM Desktop Manager. With an IBM Desktop Manager and IBM packages, everything is IBM Desktop compatable instead of worring about GNOME vs KDE.

One Standard to rule them all, One Standard to find them, One Standard to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

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Journal Journal: Running Slashdot jokes that have gotten old and should die!

(1) GNAA posts.
  - It wasn't funny the fist time. Sure some people find it funny, but it goes on and on and on and on and on and (wash, rinse, repeat. . .)

(2) goatse website or image links.
  - Shock humor has it's place, but at least get something new every month. The goatse virus sig is funny though because some thought went into that one.

(3) (TK?)Dessimat0r posts.
  - Content free trolling! Any point to his/her posts? Not that I can see.

(4) ThatMadeNoSence posts.
  - Yes it did. Get a sence of humor or ask questions about what you don't understand. Don't make snap judgments about complicated issues. Things in life are not always simple.

2) ???
3) Profit!
  - It was funny the first time, it isn't funny the 5000th time.

(6) "In Soviet Russia. . ."
  - This would not be on the list if people put a little effort into the jokes.

(7) Don't forget to pay your SCO Tax/Fee posts.
  - These are starting to get old. Do something new here!

  - Lame and it wasn't funny the fist time.

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Journal Journal: Passwords NOT used by good Sys Admins

schwarzenegger [OR whatever the name of your governer is.]
LaraCroft [OR whatever the name of your imaginary girlfriend is.]
Caldera [OR whatever you have as your distro.]
guest [OR whatever you have as your user account name.]
MonkeyPox [OR whatever you have as your machine name.]
20041889 [OR whatever your birthday is.]
[A simple blank password]

WARNING: ANYONE POSTING "In Soviet Russia password enters you" or anything similar will be shot, survivors will be shot again, the dead will be burried face down and pissed on.
Thank you and have a nice day.

BTW: I have not spell checked this post. Please don't bug me about it.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Foe List

** Trolls **
(TK2)Dessimat0r (669581)
(TK5)Dessimat0r (670505)
Adolf Hitroll (562418)
SCO$1499FeeTroll (720726)
SCO$699FeeTroll (695565)

** Jerks **
SQLz (564901)
ThatMadeNoSense (651445)

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