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Journal Journal: Snotty kid from the US

Today I really got first hand knowledge why the US is irrelevant in anything and everything.

They teach Lies to there kids , wich turn them into snotty pouty kid ...

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Journal Journal: Correction of my stupidities

I dont personnaly like people correcting my writtings and spellings , because then it means that it as a bit more value then what I intend to put out in the first place but some people really do have too much time on there hands and go on correcting my stupidities:

It's not wich.

Try to remember the phrase "I don't know which witch is better."

wich = which

What is a real American ?

- Real Americans have never lost a war !
- Real Americans live in a democratic country !
- Real Americans fight for freedom, to the death !
- Real Americans liberated Europe from the Nazi by fighting the war from start to finish, both times!
- Real Americans are noble.
- Real Americans are defenders of the Americas.
- Real Americans live in America.
- Real Americans earned their country.
- Real Americans are not afraid of terrorists.

as a real American I guess its tru I cant write properly ;-) , its good at least that I try and keep it in mind I guess.

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Journal Journal: Bad Karma !!

I feel really special , it took me less then one day to achieve bad Karma , and the best part is I got it by responding , Happy New year


*me bow is head in shame*

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