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Comment Stupid Users (Score 0, Redundant) 685

Stupid Users who use
Stupid Software like
Symantec Products deserve
Stupid problems like
This one.

Why are people still using Norton for anything? It's *absolute* 'fascist-bullshit-bloated-doesn't-let-you-uninstall-or-exit-the-app-easy' software.

Why am I *not* surprised at all .

STOP USING THEIR SOFTWARE and shit like this...simply won't happen.

Comment Why is any of this a surprise? (Score 1) 1127

Did any of us honestly expect anything less than this from the next garbage release of windows from Microsoft? As if Vista wasn't a piss poor enough example of how they've completely sold out to the RIAA, MPAA and could give a shit less about the end user experience / integrity of the operating system as a whole. I'm surprised they haven't built in and made public a software back door for your local government agency to spy on all desktop behavior.

Only morons buy / trust / rely on / bother with new Microsoft operating systems. I have been spending, an incredible amount of time teaching my family and friends how to use Linux, and making them aware of how effective and efficient open source software truly is.

People still 'pay money' to take it in the ass from Redmond? You've got to be kidding me...

If you want this kind of absolute fucktarded nonsense to end...stop wasting your money with these twats.

Comment This is the same reason: (Score 1) 803

- I never use automatic updates from microsoft for any microsoft product

- People should not blindly trust anyone / remote corporation to automatically update software on their machine, especially one that has blatantly shown the world that they are only interested in maintaining their monopoly and the interests of their corporate interests, instead of the end users...such as microsoft.

- People should not trust microsoft ever again, and should not have to begin with.

- I constantly advocate that people not use automatic update ever for anything.

- That stupid people get what they deserve for being too lazy and stupid to think and do things themselves.

I would like to say this should be the last nail in the coffin, but this has happened before many times, and caught many times, and brought to the forefront many times...yet people still use automatic updates. The problem isn't microsoft being evil...we've all known that. The real problem here is blatant stupidity on the part of the end user for even allowing this kind of access to the machine remotely.

Linux Business

Xandros Reportedly Buys Out Linspire 153

2muchcoffeeman writes "Former Linspire president and CEO Kevin Carmony — whose relationship with his former employer has turned acrimonious, to say the least — reported on his blog that Xandros and Linspire signed an agreement in principle for Xandros to buy Linspire June 19. Carmony includes a scan of the memo to Linspire shareholders announcing the deal, which requires the former Linspire company to change its name. According to the memo, the stockholders voted to change the company's name to Digital Cornerstone, Inc. Despite the wording of the Linspire memo to stockholders, this deal apparently came as a surprise to Carmony and other stockholders. Some here may remember that both Xandros and Linspire signed patent protection deals with Microsoft in 2007."

Some Developers Leaving Google For Microsoft 685

recoiledsnake writes "We have heard about lots of talented developers jumping ship from Microsoft to Google, but is the trend beginning to turn? Dare Obasanjo (a Microsoft employee) writes about a few high-profile people picking Microsoft over Google — either making the jump directly, or choosing Microsoft after receiving offers at both. Sergey Solyanik is back to Microsoft and he primarily gripes about the culture and lack of career development at Google. He writes, 'Everything is pretty much run by [engineering] — PMs and testers are conspicuously absent from the process. Google as an organization is not geared — culturally — to delivering enterprise class reliability to its user applications.' Danny Thorpe, who was the key architect of Google Gears, is back at Microsoft for his second stint working on developer technologies related to Windows Live."
The Internet

What Do You Want On Future Browsers? 628

Coach Wei writes "An industry wishlist for future browsers has been collected and developed by OpenAjax Alliance. Using wiki as an open collaboration tool, the feature list now lists 37 separate feature requests, covering a wide range of technology areas, such as security, Comet, multimedia, CSS, interactivity, and performance. The goal is to inform the browser vendors about what the Ajax developer community feels are most important for the next round of browsers (i.e., FF4, IE9, Safari4, and Opera10) and to provide supplemental details relative to the feature requests. Currently, the top three voted features are: 2D Drawing/Vector Graphics, The Two HTTP Connection Limit Issue, and HTML DOM Operation Performance In General . OpenAjax Alliance is calling for everyone to vote for his/her favorite features. The alliance also strongly encourages people to comment on the wiki pages for each of the existing features and to add any important new features that are not yet on the list."

Best Way To Put a Monitor On a Robot? 48

I'm part of my schools IGVC team, and we're upgrading our bot's computer to an onboard mini-itx. Most of the access to the box is gonna be through ssh, but I want a terminal I can just mount on the bot for convenience. Bidding on a psOne LCD already, but what are some good options if that doesn't pan out? I want to keep it as cheap as possible and small (in the 5-7 inch range). I haven't found any good guides to modding a digital photo frame or portable DVD player, but I'm probably just not looking in the right places.

The Media

LugRadio Decides To Call It Quits 60

[vmlinuz] writes "After four years, 100+ shows and over 2 million downloads, the guys behind LugRadio, the irreverent Open Source podcast from England have decided to call it a day, with the desire to 'go out on a high.' The last ever show will be recorded at LugRadio Live UK 2008 on the 19th and 20th July in Wolverhampton, England. There are also blog entries from the two long-standing members of LugRadio, Jono Bacon and Stuart 'Aq' Langridge." I hope the back catalog will remain available — LugRadio has since its start been one of the best online audio offerings out there.

Google Apps Hacks 46

stoolpigeon writes "It seems that it wasn't long ago that Google was just a search company. The number of on-line products that fly under the Google moniker, today, is impressive. Google has moved well beyond its office-suite-like applications and excelled with everything from mapping to blogging to 3-D drawing. Google Apps Hacks is a new book from O'Reilly, published in conjunction with their Make magazine. This volume presents the reader with 141 hacks in an attempt to get the most out of a wide array of Google's on-line applications. The result is a quick ride that is rather fun — and while a bit shallow at times, it provides a great overview of just how much is available out there." Read below for the rest of JR's review.

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