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Journal Journal: A Return to Normalcy

Well, things are getting back to normal; we are steadily unpacking our crap at the new apartment and my school work load has returned to something reminicient of its previous levels.

I have two nasty tests next week, on the same day, and I am prepared for neither of them (which is the norm). It should be interesting getting ready for them while doing Lab 8 for my CSE 421 class, but hopefully I will find time to do both.

I should also know soon if I got my classes for the fall from pre-registration. It will be a relief if I do get them, but at the same time they will pose a great load on me which will be hard to get out from under.


Journal Journal: The Wind Waker

Well, once you begin to ignore the cell shaded aspects of the new Zelda, the game is actually quite good. Wasn't able to get very far into it last night, but so far so good.


Journal Journal: Too Many Games, Not Enough Time

Well, I'm picking up Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on wednesday. I'm not even done with Metroid Prime yet, and I haven't even started Twisted Metal: Black Online yet, nor Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the GC. Combine that with the fact that I am swamped with homework and it doesn't look like I am going to get through the games until summer starts, which is quite a shame as I could use the reprieve that games provide.

Now back to Celda, the new graphics annoy me, but the game play seems good and the story sounds pretty cool. I can look past the graphics if the game doesn't suck, and so here is hoping that Nintendo will make this one as good as the previous have been.

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Journal Journal: No rest for the weary

Well hell, this week is going to be fun. My fiancee and I are moving this weekend to a new apartment and whouldn't you know it, my teachers have decided that now is a good time to pile all the work they can on me.

Preparations for the move are proceeding, but it doesn't look like I will be able to do as much as I had hoped, to help my fiancee pack and prepare. Instead I will be working on my assorted lab's and homework's, as well as preparing for my up comming test.

Fun all around I would expect...

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Journal Journal: Car insurance sucks!

Well, my fiancee finaly got herself a new (well used, but new to her) car; a '95 VW Jetta III GLS. It's a pretty nice car over all, but the problems came in when we tried to get her insurance up on it.

You see, she had her previous car stolen last year and State Farm had suspended her insurance until she could get another car. Unfortunatly she was unable to find a car she wanted for the money she had until recently and we hit the end of the maximum suspension period for a State Farm policy. They informed her that she had to cancel her policy and she did so.

Jump forward a few months to yesterday; she took ownership of the car on Monday afternoon, after our State Farm office had closed. I called the agent on Tuesday morning and the earliest we could get an appointment was early afternoon on Wednesday (yesterday). So when we show up on Wednesday afternoon we get a suprize. They tell us that she can't get insurance with them since she doesn't have any insurance right now on the car she just bought. After some arguing it turns out that the only way she could have gotten her insurance back up on this car was if we had came in the same day she took ownership of the car, which was impossible because they had closed already. So basically it boils down to a Chicken & Egg problem, she can't get insurance unless she already has insurance.

So now we are calling all around getting quotes on insurance from other firms and not liking the prices we are getting. We have other insurance pollicies with State Farm (renter's insurance for one) and so we get a discount for that, also she had a perfect record with her previous car, save for the whole theft thing. So over all the price we were going to get from them wasnt all that bad. So far all the quotes we are getting range from workable to just bad. Well so much for that I guess, she needs insurance and so we are going to have to find a company that can make us a workable deal and has a reputation that doesn't scare us.

Moral of this story: car insurance sucks!

P.S. WTF is with /. not allowing the use of HTML entities? All I want is a god damn rsquo and friends.

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Journal Journal: Free email and quotas

Well, well, I just managed to knock two of my CSE team members over the quotas on their hotmail, and yahoo accounts. Wonderful.

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