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Comment Re:What good does this do? (Score -1, Offtopic) 336

I've been considering registering a 3 or 4 (or these days, 5) numeric digit username on the off chance that retarded shitcocks would mistake it for my sequential ID and totally modsuck my karmacock.

Given that those closest to mushrroms and plankton generally get modpoints, do you think I should do that?

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Debunking reasons not to open source game projects (

FreeGamer writes: "There are many significant indie game projects that are committed to creating a quality free game where the developers are afraid of the consequences of making the development public by publishing the project under an open source license. The reasons for declining to open source a project are usually bogus. Over the years I've tried to change the minds of several game project developers, usually met with stubborn resistance. Hopefully this article can help projects earlier on in their development cycle before people have committed themselves to keeping their free game project as a closed source one."
Data Storage

Submission + - Teeny tiny borgs (

mcgrew writes: "New Scientist is reporting that researchers have fabricated a new type of computer memory by attaching biological viruses to quantum dots. The "hybrid" material could be used to develop biocompatible electronics. More info linked, of course, for those new here who actually want to RTFA.

I'm the guy who's always asking how many more beads I need before my abacus becomes self-aware, but using biological material for computing devices is the one thing that might get me to change my mind about ever having a computer that can actually think. I guess we're going to HAL in a handbasket!"


Submission + - Say No to OOXML as a Standard

topcat-n-ep writes: Every oppression ultimately wades away in the tide of a revolution.Open source has been the revolution answering to the oppression of proprietary monopolies. Now the Borg tries to rise again using its old trick of assimilating innocent consumers. By proposing their OOXML format as a standard they hope to counter Open Source initiatives like the ODF standard — standards that have no ulterior motive other than benefiting the consumer. It is the job of all us Captain Kirks — captains of a fair world, to boldly kick line ;). Please take the time to go through the worldwide petition against OOXML as a standard at

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