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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 1080

I agree... but it's also resembles someone pointing a finger at a suspect they believe started an argument, when they only showed up to see the last 3 seconds of a brawl.

This is pretty much all they know. The corporate and political corruption seems as if it's happening more and more, mostly due to the visibility inherited by the latest media and technology practices. The corruption has always been here, and companies have always made money from political decisions, but as of late it's been magnified as everyone would predict. It's not exactly capitalism that's the problem, but bad decisions in politics with no accountability. Capitalism WORKS, but you can't fight old fucks who have been serving life terms, making financial decisions and taking money from big corp. when they're about to retire.

Obviously they need to learn how it works, but blaming capitalism for corruption and failure is a different story than finding a single facet of capitalism that needs to be adjusted to overcome failure.

Comment Re:What happens when corrosion eats 0.01in of it? (Score 1) 236

"Stronger" isn't exactly worse when less material and more efficient manufacturing processes are in place. The rigidity should essentially stay the same with less weight. The problem, as you pointed out, is corrosion. With less material comes more risk of compromising rigidity. I suppose this isn't an issue in some places, but where I live it's a big deal.

Comment Re:Service in exchange for a free modem? (Score 1) 224

I called and had it disabled the second I got it. With that said, even with its wifi turned off completely (both hotspot and router), it messes with my AC router really, really bad. The second I plugged into it, I had connectivity problems throughout the house. From a networking standpoint, it doesn't make sense.. but there's definitely something going on in the background, and it needs to be looked at with a spectrum analyzer.

Comment Re:More Cold War Waste (Score 2) 174

I currently work with reclaiming nuclear facilities. There's a mandatory "Environmental Sustainability" form which has to be completed with any new purchase that has to go through procurement. If at any time a product that's purchased has an environmentally friendly or energy-saving substitute, you have to use it or fill out more information as to WHY you need to use the product which is not environmentally friendly. This may not be the case, and I'm not completely certain what the situation is, but I'm sure that in some way it's essentially the same type of management for this contract. We're required to follow EPEAT regulations and LEED certification rules for nearly everything. EPEAT is pretty much a joke, considering you merely have to pay for certification, but so is almost everything else in the government.

Comment Re:Not the only reason..... (Score 1) 409

Maybe I'm missing something because I don't use many of these daily, but doesn't Microsoft have versions of Word and basic excel for free, that's more than comparable to Google docs? I use word/excel on skydrive when I need to, and it was just as useful. Again, there's probably a lot more that I'm missing, but I'd appreciate the feedback as to what I'm not seeing because other than that, it seems like it's merely preference as to who hates what company the most.

Comment Re:A Net admin's job.. (Score 1) 142

I know what you mean; as I used to do that when I was a sys/network admin. I can't see how this article applies to anything other than a network admin though. I'm at straight Network Admin now, and quite a bit of the issues end up being cyber/group policies that are blanketed every week. I guess if you have a good system that people actually use to track change proposals and requests, this shouldn't happen.. but, the network is always to blame, even when someone has 40 5gb PST files linked to a mapped drive... and it takes 20 man hours to explain why the network isn't to blame for it.

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