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Comment Boogie Board Rip (Score 1) 425

I've got the original Boogie Board and it's great as a scratch pad. The new version, the Boogie Board Rip, allows you to save up to 200 pages as pdf files and download them into your computer where you can OCR them or whatever you might need to do.

It's not a laptop or tablet PC but it's great for taking notes, drawing diagrams, etc. And it's only $130.

Comment Re:Profit?? (Score 3, Informative) 395

The only problem with that is that only with retail versions do you get both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions. I built a new PC late last year and got a Windows XP Pro license (32 bit, OEM) with a free upgrade to Vista. I got my upgrade, Vista Business (32bit). There was no way for me to upgrade to the 64 bit version. I'm not quite interested in running 64bit quite yet but I want to do it in the future but unfortunately, unless I buy the retail version of Vista I'll be out of luck and the same will be the case for anyone that buys an OEM verisons.

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