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Journal Journal: Slashdot Pricks vs. SCO 2

Enjoy this comment. It's an island of tranquility - the only place on the entire internet that isn't ranting on aimless, and cluelessly, with aguments of varying degrees of stupidity about the SCO vs. Linux 'debate'.

Oh, goddamit

P.S. How exactly do you have a debate when one person refuses to talk? The linux community is schitzo, and I always knew it.


Journal Journal: Slashdot Pricks vs. Reasonable OS choices

Ok, I know this post is designed to hook people like me into ranting about it, but I'm going to bite anyway. I know it's a joke, but it's wrong on more levels than the author intended.

To imply that somehow the slowing of development of Linux is the wish of Satan kind of implies that the continuation of Linux is the wish of God. For fucks sake, hasnt anyone got a grip on reality any more?

Linux is an operating system, nothing more, nothing less. In all honesty, it's quite an average operating system. If it's considered worthwhile by the majority of people, it'll continue, otherwise it wont. If there is a god, I'm sure he's got more important things to think about - and so should you.

I am completely sincere when I say I would bet my bottom dollar, and even my life, on the fact that this protencious little prick has never contributed a single line to the linux kernel. Do these people even know what they are supporting? I mean, how can you argue "Linux is the will of god, and should succeed at any costs ; but not to the extent that I should learn to help".

I really, really wish we could get rid of all these stupid little linux kiddies waving their linux flags from the sidelines. If you care enough to help, then please do; if not, you can't care that much, can you?



Journal Journal: Slashdot Pricks vs. Language Selection Karma Whores

Have we become such a bunch of pro-linux, anti-MS cretins that we dont even read the articles any more?

I mean, this guy is knocking Microsofts new language, F#, which on it's own is perfectly valid. However, when the means of his attack are that Microsoft languages are MS-centric, and should not be encouraged for teaching, especially at universities, he shows off what a prick he evidently is.

Not only is F# the most blatent re-invention of Standard/Meta ML I've seen in a while, it's quite a good one. It just so happens that ML is a perfect language for educating people about recursion, and one of the least proprietary languages around - it's concepts are a lot more flexible and portable than those of, say, GCC.

However, this prick is no doubt uninformed about the correct choice of educational languages, since this, only his second post makes no reference at all to any concrete arguments, just vaugue anti-MS sentiments.

By all means knock Microsoft's/University's choice of languages, but have you actually worked at either, or are you just some jumped up little shit having another go at Microsoft because of their name, rather than their current (stolen) idea?


Journal Journal: Slashdot Pricks vs. Cryptographic Key Space Entropy

Check out this thread. Scroll down and tell me if you can see a single post that isn't some jumped up kid making an uninformed comment about the keylength of DES.

You would have thought with a community as big as slashdot that atleast 1 person would take the trouble to look into the specifics of what he was posting before shouting his mouth off about something he knows nothing about. But I wouldnt hope for it - this is slashdot, afterall.

Keylength on it's own is irrelevant - You can't tell anything about a cryptographic system purely by the size of it's keyspace without making assumptions about the complexity and security of the underlieing algorythm.

Just using common sence, which is more secure, 56 bit DES or a 128 bit simple XOR? IDEA or a 2048 bit made up snake oil bollocks algorythm?

Admittadly, 56bit DES is now looking a bit dated, but the article did specify that it was a secured DES algorythm. How can you comment on security if you don't know how they've secured it. You can't you protencious pricks. 56 Bit DES for encryption would only be weak if they had used the same 64 bit block for each 8 bytes of data, making a known plaintext attack using the superblock of the filesystem or some other constant possible. But I somehow doubt they've used an 8 byte USB keyring, or they've been stupid enough to make that mistake.

But hey, lets play into your stupid little hands and say they did. A modern, 1Ghz PC can do about 100,000 DES encryptions a second, so lets say your one of these pricks who has more money than sence, and you've got a thousand PCs. And they're all uberl33t ownag3 p4 4Ghz because your daddy bought you the newest kit. That setup would get you around 400M DES/s. Lets round it upto 512M, so that its 2^29. Assuming you find the key in the fist sixteenth of the keyspace, because you're just that lucky, it'll still take you 2^25 seconds, which happens to be around (2^(25-6-6-5-8)), around a year.

So, yes, if you have the most recent software, and 2 million dollars worth of hardware from the future, then you could crack it in a year. If you find this answer suprising, it's probably because your the kind of Megahertz-owns, DES-is-lame, big-number-fanatical nerd that's ruining the scene for everyone who is informed, numerate, and bothers learning about something before mouthing off that 'DES [being crackable by someone with $2M in a year] is worse than a joke'

Doesnt sound like too much of a joke to me, prick.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Slashdot Pricks vs. Free Software

I'm not even going to write much about this disgrace. How any single person got modded down as flamebait for commenting against this is beyond me.

You would have thought that a community, most of which are viewing a free site, through an opensource browser, using an opensource kernel powered by free software would appreciate the nature of 'free' software. Are you really arrogant enough to beleive it was coded for you?

I spend a large percentage of my time writing free software, to teach myself, and to help out people to whom it will be of use. Do I care if my programs don't do exactly what you would like? Personally, I don't a flying fuck.

If you want something written, write it. If you want someone else to write it, pay them. If they do it for free, thank them. Don't bitch to slashdot about how what you want isn't being provided for free, because you've done nothing to deserve it.

We're not fucking code fairies.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Slashdot Pricks vs. SCO

Look at this prick - typical of the Slashdot opinion. If people stand upto linux, take their web server down.

I mean, he's not only playing police, judge and dury, promoting questionably legal action against a webserver, he's completely forgetting that the whole reason this story was posted is because SCO are sure enough to take people to court that their source has been stolen. If they're right (and you'd think they'd make pretty damn sure) they're responsible for your precious linux.

When are linux kiddies going to grow up, and start siding with the philosophies on which linux was founded, rather the whimsical nature of the currently popular distribution?

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