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User Journal

Journal Journal: Average Member Age on SlashDot

I'm curious what the age demographics are on SlashDot.

Sometimes it seems like the teeny-bops are running rampant. At other times, age-old wisdom spills out from all over and you know you're dealing with boomers.

I can't imagine there would be a standard Bell Curve distribution, but it would be intersting to see just how skewed it is.

I submitted a poll once, but SlashDot didn't seem interested in running it.

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Journal Journal: Another grim day on Slashdot

No moderation points yet.

Appears I must endure yet another day as one of the wholely unwashed and unfavored of Slashdot.

And no luau for me tonight either. I despair of there being no roast pig left by the time I arrive. Then I'll starve and die and never enjoy my elevated status to a Slashdot Somebody.


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Journal Journal: OK... don't females get to moderate?

I hear all this talk about how important moderation is, but it appears I'm not going to be asked. How long does it take to be selected? Does one have to be male? Are females allowed?

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