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Journal Journal: Yttrstein, very paranoia attention seeking NPD Troll

Yttrstein has taken it upon himself to troll most of my posts, (after I started to discuss personality disorders). (He wants to silence any discussion about any kind of personality disorders in the world ... because through his very evident paranoia, he thinks its all about him, as he has a personality disorder and doesn't want others to know what he tries so hard to hide in his throughts and resulting behavior). I was trying to ignore him, but he is trolling most of my posts now, so I've had enough of him trolling me, so I've written this reply here for him to see and anyone else (who can be bothered to see) about Yttrstein's trolling. (The rest of this is an open letter to Yttrstein.

Yttrstein, you only came to my attention, when you replied to my posts here in this thread...
Your comments in this thread were very obvious attempts to silence anything said about Cluster B Disorders being driven ultimately by fear.

But since I posted here, I now see its created a bit of a storm in your tea cup, for you, so to speak. I've now noticed you trolled another at least four of my posts (on different days), this time, on different threads, the latest today. I saw you also added me first as your foe and then as a friend. (lol, thanks, I've always wanted my own pet troll!), plus you also replied, twice, to one of my comments in that cluster B disorder thread link above, each time trying to get a reaction from me. Well, you are clearly trying very hard to get my attention. So now, for the next few minutes at least, you have my attention. But you are going to regret it, as your fears and fear based behavior is now going to be exposed here for all to see. (You only have yourself to blame, as I was trying very hard to just ignore you, but you have tried so hard, so many times to bully me and get my attention, that for the next few minutes at least, I have to say something to highlight the extent of your pathetic behavior).

You said in one of your previous posts that at the time, your comments history was not representative of your behavior. Well, I thought, give you the benefit of the doubt, so now you have my attention, I thought I would look quickly at a few of your latest comments. So what do I find. I find this... Quite frankly its a shocking display of the depth of your very evident extreme paranoia.
Well, now I see that it's you that's been following me (yttrstein, you are so totally paranoid. I have not been following you).
I note that you chose not to respond to my queries for more information in other threads Yttrstein, that's because I wasn't following you!!!, you sad paranoid attention seeking NPD bully.

Then we have this post of yours...
"I cant help but see that you've been chasing me all over slashdot again, modding down as much as possible because you have a vendetta against me." yttrstein, that is the most paranoid thing I've ever seen on here. You are the one watching my posts, then you add your post *after* my post, (proving you are following me), then you troll my posts in attempts to bully my posts down. You need professional psychological help. Don't believe me? ... then take a printout of everything we have discussed on here, to a psychologist and see what they say.

Clearly you think any discussion about personality disorders is directly about you. The discussion was about all people with personality disorders, not you but clearly your personality disorder, is making you believe its only about you.

Yttrstein, I guess this idea must be beyond your capacity to comprehend, but you are simply not worth trolling to vote you down. I have no interest in listening to your madness, but I will not be bullied by you. You see Yttrstein, I have no interest in dealing with individuals like you. I simply don't need to. As I know your kind are ultimately your own worst enemy. (Deep down, you know this is true, but you are unlikely to admit it fully, even to yourself). (Your behavior here proves you need to seek professional psychological help for your own well being). The thing is, I don't need to vote your comments down. If anything, it would help my point about personality disorders, by voting you up and so highlighting and demonstrating your behavior and comments to a wider audience. But I can't be bothered. But the more you attempt to troll me, the more you highlight and prove me correct, about the behavior of Cluster B Disorders. But frankly, I don't have the time to watch your posts. You also say very little of any interest to me and I have better things to do with my time.

Well I've had enough of your trolling me, so now, each time you troll me, I can just link to this post, to highlight to everyone the details of your behavior. If you don't want other people to keep read this, then stop trolling me and we can then both forget the other person exists, as I don't want to waste my time, talking to you or even hearing from you. Yttrstein just go away and leave my posts alone.

Ironically your exceptionally paranoid comments have now shown up one of the defining characteristics of NPD behavior, which is a very inflated sense of self importance. You consider yourself important enough that someone else would bother to troll you, so in response to this imagined wrong doing, you then troll them. Shows what a deeply paranoid fool you are currently behaving like.

So now while you have my attention, I see on your posts you have a homepage, but it doesn't work. So I've just googled it, and found this... (That shows throughout the thread, what a sadly attention seeking bullying fool you are). You are a "Fool", because you should know, you should treat others, how you wish them to treat you. But you are evidently to stupid to understand this.

Also I found this,
Its got your home page web link, so if this is you, then it only adds to the evidence of Cluster B behavior. For example, body modifications, while they are often said to show individuality, they are ultimately about seeking attention, through that individuality. There are additional psychological profile signs in a lot of your writing, but I will spare you the details and I can't be bothered.

But based on your comments even just in that first thread you trolled me and general attitude to me then, I had already suspected you had aspects of NPD behavior, combined with a very strong need for attention as well. But I didn't guess the deeply paranoid aspect, that was an unexpected surprise. But then people like you with very evident combinations of cluster B behavior, so often feel the need to deeply suppress their, at times, very troubling thoughts and behavior, at least, most of the time, (as I'm sure you know, all to well), as you struggle to deal with your troubling memories. You can lie and manipulate you way into sounding like you not like this, but we both know, you are just trying so hard to hide your troubling thoughts and memories.

Yttrstein, I have no interest in trolling and voting on your posts. I've got better things to do with my time. Plus you are just wasting your own time trolling me. But I will not be bullied by you, espcially about talking about the trouble Cluster B Behavior people cause in the world, and if you choose to keep attempting to bully me, as you said you would (on multiple occasions), then you will just continue to prove me ever more correct, about cluster B behavior.

The irony is Yttrstein, for all your paranoid annoyance at me, I however, understand some of what you have been through and do feel sorry for you. Simply because you evidently have been treated very unfairly in your life. Its like I said, Cluster B behavior people are both a victim and a bully. We both know a victim isn't weak, they are simply someone who has been treated unfairly. But the word victim is also often used and twisted by bullies, to imply weakness. Its so ironic that its the bullies, who are the victims of some other bully. Each continuing to treat others unfairly.

The thing is, the vast majority of people would probably show you genuine sympathy and even help and support, if you were open about your experiences to them, so they could understand). They need to learn from your words to understood what some people like you, go through in your life. (But then you hide your thoughts and experiences, so few will understand, so you keep yourself isolated and alone, trapped alone with your troubling thoughts. Trapped by your fear of telling others, so they will understand). But I also know the other side of Cluster B Disorders, how they can so often switch to the need the bully, to suppress and attempt to control what they fear. In this behavior, Cluster B Disorders are one of the biggest problems the world faces, as they are so often the cause problems in the world. Its no wonder then, that an ever growing number of people, will not stand for this kind of bullying behavior. The irony is, reality television shows and the people attracted to be on these shows, are highlighting to an ever wider audience, this kind of Cluster B behavior. Yttrstein, for your own health and well being, you need to seek professional psychological help and they can help you, if you are open with them, about your thoughts and memories. They can help you and in time, you will find life becomes a lot easier as a result.

Yttrstein, its your choice, if you choose to see what I have said here, as an opportunity for you to seek help for yourself, to finally make your life easier for you. Yttrstein, as annoying and bullying as you have tried so hard, to be to me with your trolling, I've actually took the time here, in this post, to try to help you here. But I suspect you will just take the easy route, to continue to follow my posts, so you can attempt to bully me, instead of seeking professional psychological help, for your troubles.

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