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Journal Journal: Oh, what the hey, here goes

I'm sitting at home, instead of in church this morning, because I'm sick. This has me particularly depressed, because I missed the Oakenfold/Sasha/Chemical Brothers show last night. I'm not sure where I got this from, but it is pretty nasty - it started with the scratchy throat, then on to the stomach stuff, and now major sinus issues.

On the bright side, I got to see Star Wars Episode V on Thursday night, in a theater. Even though it was the infernal special edition, it was good. I think ESB was the least affected by Lucas' tweaking for the 1997 release. I also saw Waking Life on Friday. That's my second time seeing it, and I'm definitely going to get the DVD - it's such a hard movie to watch, with all the information that gets presented, and the different styles of animation. I do think it was the best film of 2001, or at least the best Indie film.

I must be losing my wits due to this illness, because I am typically against all forms of Internet journalling and weblogging. I think it results in the dissemination of far too much noninformation. However, I'm bored, sick, and depressed, so there you have it. I'll be surprised if I ever write in this thing again.

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