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Journal Journal: Coding!

I've been working on my Shell Wizard program. It's coming along nicely. Not sure why anyone would need a way to generate shell scripts from a gui tool but it'll be a viable option very soon. Python/wxPython are great tools. Am enjoying working on this project.

I've been testing Psyco. It seems to do a great job at speeding Python up. There's only been one program I've tested it on so far that didn't seem to work right. It is a beta version though so we'll see. :)

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Journal Journal: argh :(

Shit, shit, shit. I suck. I passed my final deadline on my contract project and I'm still not finished. I'm offering to return the money I've already taken. Things just took way to long. I let things get more and more complex and out there. I let there be to many feature requests during development. I got hung on loose threads. The main project was done in August and here five months later I've invested more time on the loose ends than I did on the 'hard stuff'.

I'm going to drop clear back to the main project and rip all these extra features out. I'll finish the project my way and then try to market it. I think I may switch from PHP to Python because PHP just isn't doing well trying to scale to so many lines of code. Also PHP is a pain because you have to send instructions for clients web providers on how to configure the required modules and you have to check all sorts of defaults to make sure your codes behavior is as expected. PHP also is to much of a moving target as the language is still evolving quite a bit.

  Remove the crappy features.
  Switch from PHP to Python.
  Rip the last bits of UI from the backside.
  Refactor the database.
  Create a tool to ease db work.
  Create a web-based frontside.
  Create a GUI-based frontside.

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Journal Journal: Doh!

Oh look, I have a journal. If I had thoughts I guess I could write them here. Sounds sort of like one of those sappy projects my high school English teacher liked to hand out. I guess I could try though.

My status today..
1.) I'm sick - I seem to have caught the local flu bug going around.

2.) I'm tired - I slept a lot yesterday which is very unusual for me but I still feel tired. Probably because I'm sick.

3.) I'm stressed - I am still feeling like I can't keep up with my work load. Between trying to do my full time job, get my contract work done, open a store, and help my dad with the stuff he's doing I just don't have enough hours in the day. The only one I could shrug off is my own store but I'm worried of the possibility of lossing my job again and want something to fall back on.

4.) I'm lonely - Not that I have time for friends but not having any friends for 100's of miles around is rather depressing. It'd be nice just to have someone to hang out with. Someone to make me take breaks from my work.

5.) My projects kick ass - Okay the good stuff. My MediaStation project to build a system for ripping and playing back dvd is going great. I need to get some more harddrives soon to make sure I don't run out of space. I decided that I'm going to keep extending the project by adding more of these sexy little mini-itx cube systems to my network whenever I need to. Each can easily hold three 120Gb hdd's and they still cost less and take up less space than the average Wal-mart PC. The Atlantis project is still on hold until it warms up enough to be working in the water. My NomadPhone project is on hold until I get a chance to order a few ProGear tablets. With my work load one active project is probably enough though. All other programming projects are on hold until I catch up on my contract work.

Thoughts of the day..
Should I release the software I've been developing for my MediaStation? I've thought of taking RedHat and cutting out all drivers not needed for Mini-ITX hardware and all software not needed for movie playback or games. Possibly I could even remove the ripping portion of the software - the part that requires decss - and just require the user configure a Samba or NFS share on their network that they rip their movies into. Would people pay for such a mini-distro?

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