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Submission + - 'YooTube' Videos Pack Spyware Punch

grokSPY writes: Just days after announcing a $3 million settlement with the FTC, adware firm Zango is again facing scrutiny for shady installation practices. The company is now being linked to fake adult-themed YouTube videos floating around MySpace. According to Websense Security Labs, the videos come with an embedded installer that installs the ZangoCash ToolBar as part of a DRM (digital rights management) licensing agreement. MySpace users clicking on the videos, which closely resemble videos from the popular YouTube player, are directed to content at "yootube.info," a Web site hosted in the Netherlands. The registration information on the domain appears to be fraudulent.

Submission + - Getting started with VMware Server on Windows

sunshineluv7 writes: VMware Server provides a straightforward entry into server virtualization, but some aspects of deploying it — particularly configuration — can be tricky. This eight-part guide, written by VMware expert Andrew Kutz, will help you avoid costly mistakes in the installation and security process. Get instructions for installing, configuring and maintaining a successful production instance of VMware Server on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.

http://searchservervirtualization.techtarget.com/t ip/0,289483,sid94_gci1226945,00.html?Offer=SUNwv11 3

Submission + - Letter to shareholders of all Public Companies

A Concerned Investor writes: "Rob McEwen sends an alert to the Canadian investment community about the potential risk to the value of your investments. He urges you to speak out to ensure this risk is avoided. There is a fundamental flaw in the Canadian securities regulations that allows management to circumvent your essential shareholder rights. Read the latest press release to understand why this has important implications for International investment in Canada. He takes his argument to Appeals court tomorrow so if you want to prevent further erosion of your fundamental rights and the value of your investment, the time to speak up is now."

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