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Journal Journal: Clio Back Online At a Coffeeshop

---Tuesday Oct. 21st 2003---

Pardon the unformatted entry please.

I am back online at a coffee shop! Yippee. Sadly and happily it is a Sturbucks. Sadly because the coffee is only good here if cold and mixed with soy milk and rasberry syrup. Happily, because Starbucks is nationwide and that bodes well for the other shops in the nation.

Now my previous entries were also from Starbucks but if you read through the previous enties you will see that they cut out rather abruptly. That was because I had a T-mobile account and was using it rather extensively. I paid through the nose with the rates they were charging but I could be connected to data and put it out there where I was comfortable.

The problem arose when T-mobile changed the way that they authenticated computers on their wireless access points. Something in the way they changed kept my Clio from logging on to their network. It was the case at several places so it seemed to be endemic. SO...long story short...Too Late...I could use it any longer.

Now today, in a different Starbucks in Cambridge Galleria, I tried it on whim and Voila. And without any authentication to boot. It would be wonderful to have this at other Starbucks but I doubt it is this way elsewhere. Here's hoping


---Tuesday October 21st 2003---

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Journal Journal: Clio Continued

So that I have this lovely little device running and able to upload and download journal entries and whatnot, I can play with it and use it. There are a couple of things I am working out now.

Firstly, is just getting the damn 'stuff' out of my head, through my fingers, into the computer, and off to whichever server I am using at that moment. Amazing how the shorter distance the data goes the harder it gets to move it...anyway...I need some routines to help out that process.

I am looking at trying to setup a blog entry interface for this thing, but I need to read up on how they work. As it happens I can access my O'Reilly Safari Bookshelf from this thing, so off to the books. I have just starrted reading 'Essential Blogging' from O'Reilly books and it looks like it may help. The trouble is, I need an easy input method because, while this is a fine keyboard to work with it is by no means the easiest thing to type on. So, I want an easy interface, but I would also like control, for things like typeface, and code symbols like HTML tags. I plan on updating this journal and at least one other semi-private journal/blog/Wiki/personal notes page. So a flexible system is desirable. I will let you know what I find for this thing.

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Journal Journal: Second Clio test

This is the second test entering text into a web form and trying to upload it. I was just trying to do it and it seemed to crash on me. I think the battery just came a little loose but I am not sure.

ANYWAY...I was giving a run down of what has worked so far. (karma biting me in the rear again)

The many steps to this point:
1. Getting the Clio1050.

---provided by my soon to be father in-law and I am most grateful. After I had looked on ebay for months and the prices were just a bit too much out of my range.

2. Getting the Network Card and Having it Work.

---After trying several different common network cards and having the Clio reject everyone of them, mostly unspectacularly, I found references to the Clio online. It seems there are a limited number of cards that will work on it, so I tried to find a wireless card the the Clio already had built in drivers for.

---Ebay again, and through my father found a $200-something card and won a bid at about $50. The card then promptly took forever to arrive, and it arrived about 3 weeks later. The card looks funky and the Clio did react to it, but mostly by not working.

---So upon visiting my soon to be father in-law, I mentioned my travails, and he promptly said "Oh my network card just WORKED on it, no problem." I asked if I could use it and after some digging the card was found and a little more fiddling with the installation CD created a working wireless networked Clio, and a happy me.

2.5 The rest will be continued if this uploads properly.

2.6 It uploaded correctly and I will continue this later.

2.7 So after the card started to work I still had some work to do.

---BTW, the wireless network card I am using is a Lucent Technologies WaveLan card. This is a very old card relatively speaking and that is the likely reason they had WinCE/HPC-Pro drivers that would work for the Clio.

3 Using The Wireless Connection for the Betterment of Me.

---So now that I have this powerful portable, wireless computing device what shall I do with it? Well what you are reading right now is a good example of the desired usage. I mainly want to use this as a portable typewriter, writ 21st century. Basicallly I want to be able to write whatever, whenever, on a nice keyboard and not have to lug around a huge behemouth of a machine. I also want to be able to remotely control computers at work and at home. The first desire has been fulfilled, the second I am still working on.

4. The Portable Uploading Typewriter

---So in order to use this as a portable means of writing to a single or multiple sites I needed to setup an account I could access from a lot of places. Starbucks and T-mobile happen to fit that bill. And, might I add it is a considerable bill, when you consider the standard large, aka Venti, drink I get at starbucks, and the 30 something dollars a month for the yearly unlimited plan at t-mobile. So, anyway, I signed my money off to T-mobile but couldn't do so on the Clio itself. Something about the way their site handles the login process. The Clio can use the T-mobile site and log in, but it cannot be used for signi ng up or putting in the finacial information.

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