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Journal Journal: To My Freaks... 14

I seem to have aquired a modest number of enemies. However, I have no idea why any of them would have marked me as a foe.

If you have marked me as a foe, could you please explain why? I'm curious.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: ATTENTION: Michael Sims 6

After months of reading your rantings without comment and having
finally stated my objections to you and your childish responses over
this last week, I permanently close further discourse with the

Michael Sims, it is my firm belief that you are a dangerously demented
individual with definite dictatorial traits. You are irrational,
abusive, and intolerant of any views other than your own and insist
that only you know who each of us are better than we know ourselves.
I believe you to be psychologically unstable and a sociopath to the

I would not be surprised to see you on the evening news or Americas
Most Wanted. You may have some technical skill and even be able to
hold a rational discussion now and then, but these are exceptions to
your character rather than the rule. You should be committed.

That said, your rantings are the stuff trolls are made of, your
opinions carry no weight, and your posts shall be kill filed. I
apologize to all who have had to read his diatribes and my recent
responses to them. We are all the dumber for having experienced Mr.

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