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Comment Private sector will increase costs. (Score 1) 29

If it costs money to do something and you hand it over to the private sector it will cost money plus profit to make it therefore more. If the argument is that somehow the private sector magically has better management then improve the management and reduce the costs but that simply is not true. Better management always equals higher cost as they always charge more than they earn.

Comment Re:Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 1) 89

"yet another excellent example of why socialism is a bad idea." When did socialism become a bad idea? The most successful countries in the world are socialist so it seems a strange statement. Norway has been rated the happiest country in the world with Denmark second. Both socialist. I cannot think of any country that I would want to live in that is not socialist. Venezuela is a failure because of the man running the country. It is not a socialist country any more than the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a democratic country. Just because some crazy dictator calls his country Utopia as it sinks into the mire does not mean it is Utopia. It is the crazy dictator that is destroying the country. Looking after the people has never been a bad idea and there is no evidence that it can have a negative effect on the economy.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 4, Interesting) 497

In many jurisdictions EULAs are extremely hard to enforce because the user is forced to agree before they have knowledge of what they are agreeing to, i.e. before they have even tried the software. I would assume the same with this but unfortunately the story is about the US which has an extremely draconian attitude to such things.

Comment Maps technology is lost... (Score 4, Interesting) 158

Two of my friends run a courier company and I have found that most of their drivers actually cannot understand how to use a map. When talking to them I tend to use map related references but today, they just listen to their satnavs and cannot understand how maps work. They have trouble knowing where they are in real terms although they can tell you generally by using the satnav.

Comment No phone, no cash? (Score 2) 71

As long as the old system continues to work it will be fine but if this is made standard I would have to find a different bank as I am not going to go back to using a smart phone. I rely on my phone too much to endure the ridiculously short battery life on smart phones so I would be forced to choose between my work and the ATM system.

Comment Re:Cash (Score 1) 270

Do you pay tax on money you withdraw from the bank? I do not and do not see why someone who banks in bitcoin should. 20% capital gains? That is robbery. Tax on money that you have paid tax on. That is a good enough reason to avoid tax so I can understand why you assume that the OP is evading tax. I will be happy to for you to consider me a criminal. I hope you will be as happy for me to consider you a moron.

Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 519

I am a cantankerous old git with a bad memory. I have forgotten more than you have learnt. I honestly forget passwords all the time. I cannot get into my Skype account and will need to create a new one as I no longer have the email account that goes with it. I could be innocently saying I cannot remember my password and be telling the truth.

Comment At risk? (Score 4, Insightful) 130

US incompetence is portrayed as being a victim. As if China is a threat because the US has not done anything for decades. China deserves respect for getting their fingers out of their arses while the US is too busy wasting its money invading innocent counties. If we are to talk about risk discuss the real problem if we are talking about Chinese advances have the balls to show some respect.

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