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Comment Re:Drat! Still only 8GB RAM max. (Score 1) 316

I'm disappointed that there's still such a huge price jump between the 256 and 512 GB models. +256 GB of space should not cost $400. I'm sure some of that must be a "best option" premium. A lot of people want that 512 GB and are willing to pay for it.

Also, 36W power supply? Is that due to the number of cells in the battery limiting the wattage or is it to reduce total weight? The high-end MBPs have 85W connections. While a MBP obviously sucks more power and has a larger battery, I'd be curious to know if there's a technical reason preventing the SP3 from charging faster with a higher wattage.

Comment Re:Not all companies are the same (Score 1) 285

I've found that I get exponential returns on the time I can _effectively_ dedicate to work. For example, I'll get more than twice as much done in 20 hours/week than I will in 10. For me, the sweet spot is higher than 40 hours. I'll get a lot more done in 50 hours than I will in 40. I have the extra time to step back, learn, work on tools, improve the process, etc. At just 40, I'm usually chasing my weekly goals, only getting through the most important tasks. So, as far as my career goes, I'm mostly treading water at 40 hours. But when I spend a few months at 50, I end up having a ton of really cool results that I need to differentiate myself in a review. And also, work is simply a lot more fun when I have more than enough time to get my core work done. I end up more involved in the broader project and enjoy things a lot more. If I tried to just get by with 35 hours/week, I'd end up being stressed out constantly, hating my work, and ultimately getting poor reviews.

So yea, I think everyone needs to find the right number of hours to hit their own personal sweet spot. Then, take on a conservative amount of work that leaves around 20% of their time available for good ideas and helping out more broadly. Don't start the week by planning 50 hours and over-promising. Leave yourself extra time to improve yourself. Over months and years, that extra time adds up and results in a highly successful career.

Comment Re:Slashdot sleaze (Score 1) 1223

I agree we want links to the original material. Those are always appreciated (give or take nsfw, etc). But as a former news poster at an unrelated site, it's good manors to also link where you actually saw the news first yourself. That way two niche sites posting the same news day after day don't end up hating each other for never giving credit. A lot of sites have source and via links at the bottom of the posts, eg engadget. That's kinda lazy from the poster's point of view. Slashdot has the more traditional posting style of writing it all out and trying to be interesting. And for large sites, I think it's doubly important to provide the via link first. It's how small high-quality sites are able to build a following. Via links give me warm community-first fuzzies!

Comment Re:Title unrelated to subject (Score 1) 278

I had something similar. I started dating another dev from the same org. We worked on the same floor and often wandered over to hang out when stressed or bored. It was nice having someone who was on the same product cycle as I was. Crunch time, bug bashes, etc were never an issue, etc.

The story sounds a whole lot more like the perils of putting a flirty hot girl among a socially awkward group of guys. Obviously she'll be able to take advantage. And while it won't happen every time, it's pretty obvious it'll happen some of the time. Poor guys.

Comment Re:Thinness (Score 1) 543

The only advantage I see (besides lockin/marketing) is that it could potentially be the only thin connector that is forward compatible to usb 3. As far as I know, there's no single port which can do micro usb 2.0 and 3.0. They release the iphone 5 with usb 2 but perhaps their next model needs faster data for some tasks. They can update to support usb 3 via their connector without having to change ports. While most manufacturers probably wouldn't consider it a big deal to switch to the new micro usb 3 port in the future, it would be hard for apple to build a huge accessory market if they didn't stick to a single connector for a reasonable amount of time.

Comment Re:Eink (Score 1) 354

The glow nook is awesome for low-light / dark reading. I much prefer it to reading on my ipad, completely regardless of lighting conditions. The weight of the 10" ipad is a big issue for reading though. If you're going to laze around for a few hours with a book, the ipad starts to feel pretty heavy on the wrists. The nook still feels light. The only issue I have with my nook for reading is that the next/prev buttons are too stiff. I end up getting a sore hand from flipping pages. I guess I don't have my perfect device yet.. soon though I hope!

Comment Re:Tied with the EU (Score 1) 172

Mbps has always been bit, not byte. They're just different ways of writing the same thing. You might make a differentiation between Mbps and MBps where the caps refer to megabytes. But typically, people use that when talking in megabits. Another form like MB/s would be more common for megabytes / sec. Using completely different looking forms is usually a lot easier than relying on caps to guess. We don't always do the same thing so it's always always always better to double check if it's not obvious from the context.

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