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Journal Journal: Running out of steam...

I want to say something, but then I don't. I read through the games and hardware sections, but every negative story or comment that comes through opens floodgates and then dams them automatically. I stopped playing video games for a number of years after I graduated high school, because I joined the military and didn't have a lot of time for them. Then I got out, came home and started going college. I "fell off the wagon" and started playing again.

First system I got hooked on upon my return to gaming was the Xbox 360, and its biggest title Halo 3. Sure, its had massive hardware failures...but they turned them right back out with working ones. That had happened to my roommates 'box' and when I finally bought mine, I would say three years after release, never had an issue. So, I suppose other people have had horrendous problems because they had to go a few days, weeks, months, years(?) without their 'box'...There are other things besides that, ONE major issue. I, for one, really like the little 'ping' "You got something" notes that pop-up; their customer service, in my experience ain't too shabby (they've helped me perfectly, regardless of the issue); and despite the subscription fee, which I feel has excellent deals, the service has just more benefits/ability that outweigh those costs. So, the parent company Microsoft has just SO many detractors, because of legal matters, techno-spats, and whatever else that really hasn't had an impact on only issue is vulnerability over the internet from those who just want to fuzz up the works(and go get'em, you rascals, even if it IS really annoying!). I am a huge fan of their stuff, I don't care what anyone else got a problem, it ain't mine.

Whatever you have to say about that, go ahead, it's a free country (all things for a price), but the other guys got just as many professionals and convicts(thats Pros and Cons). I have been a fan of Nintendo since my mom started playing Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Rygar and Karnov, oh and Legendary Wings! =D For me it was about Castlevania, Mega Man, Blaster Master and Athena o_O jk, Its should read The Adventures of Bayou Billy! (Sorry, I have to clean myself up, hold on...) Yeah, my mom kicked ass at video games! They just kicked my ass in retaliation. So, many systems and accesories later, they are still at the top...they are running a business (all things for a price)! They've been around a really long time, I figure they can do whatever they want, I just don't have to be around for it. I will definitely say that it is still as fun as it ever can get. The Family Console is a winner all around for many, so whatever us hobbits say need not apply. It's too bad that there's just one or two things that they aren't doing that the 'box' does, but it really doesn't take away from what it does do, which is just what it does...I can't really find any good way to say what I mean, I just can't bring myself to really find any bad things about it without really knowing what the hell I'm talking about. So, all is happy in Japan! You just gotta love it...

Meanwhile, the 90's upstart Sony and their Playstation was really awesome before I left and even when I came back from service. I'll admit, I carried my PSone (P'zone? Pizza...mmm, uh, right!) with me while I was in and still have it. Really loved the rebirth of classics like Megaman X, Castlevania:SOTN and thoroughly enjoyed new stuff like Wipeout, Tomb Raider and Blood Omen! Then new stuff just kept coming out, everybody started losing their minds and then I f*ing stabbed him! Oh, you're still here? Yeah, Nick Swardson deserves the kudos for that little bit...I *loved* Grandma's Boy! Anyone care to watch? No? Okay, where was I? Yeah, so I just wasn't really all that into the new system, since I already threw my hat into the X-corner. I don't really much care for it, its probably too much machine for me, what do I know?! I can most definitely admit it has awesome stuff, but its just getting a bit too expensive for me, monetarily and otherwise. Oh, fine, it has trophies, a free network, Blu-ray and lots of other stuff, but I'm just not that into Sony anymore...Sorry. Besides, didn't they start taking a whole bunch of stuff out? Meh. I *will* say that I enjoy their Portable 3000, to be able to have all that power on the go, but not the really pricey mini version. It wasn't made for me, I can certainly tell you that! Although I wonder, will they start making Blu-ray UMD's for it? It's a slick little gadget overall, but I guess I should keep my two cents on that one.(all things for a price)

Alright, I'm pretty bored with myself already. Have I proved why I haven't passed my English class yet? This was my first journal entry, and while I agree things should be done in threes, I don't think I'll need to comment on any of this stuff for quite awhile. So, oh wise and revered old snapping turtles, school me if you wish, but remember...I didn't *make* you read all this! I'll say it all over X-box LIVE, I'm MetalX2k and an App that allows you to make up achievements and send them to your friends for whatever you could think of over the phone was an idea that I had...

When I'm good, I'm great; but when I'm bad, I'm better. -- Mae West ...and when I'm horrible, you can tell! --ME

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