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Comment Re:More garbage titles...thanks! (Score 1) 203

Meh, not so unfair. You can't get a Sandy Bridge chip without getting one of these chips as they are both currently the only ones compatible with Sandy Bridge. Yeah sure they are different chips and have different names, but currently if you get a Sandy Bridge, you get one of these. So not terribly unfair to conflate the two in my opinion.

Comment What bank doesn't offer this? (Score 1) 359

I work in IT for small local bank (5 Branches) and our on-line service provides provides customers with the last 3 years of history in a wide variety of formats (including CSV). Considering our relatively tiny size, I'm surprised that there are any institutions that don't offer this level of service. But if your institution doesn't I second the recommendations of

Comment Re:Not uncommon in the US (Score 1) 87

I happen to work for a major national bank in the US and I can tell you we have VERY strict policies concurning shreading of customers confidental account information. Anything that has as much as a customers name or address (much less account information) is either shreaded immideatly or placed in bins which are then kept under lock and key (often in the actual bank vault) untill an appropriate certified and bonded professional comes on sight to dispose of it all in bulk. We (at least in my region) are very strick about this and violation of this policy can lead to immediatl dissmissal. We take traning related to information security at least once a year as well.

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