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Comment Re: I hope not (Score 1) 511

You can also write bad procedural code in an "OO language" because that is also a methodology. I see that crap all the time; giant 50+ line methods that do a bunch of things and all the utility functions are procedural-style class methods. Lots of Rubyists don't have any idea even what the difference between OOP and Procedural is, they just assume they must be doing OOP since they're using an "OO language."

... and in some cases breaking with OO methodology is the correct approach at least for Java. I'm thinking of squeezing performance out of an Android app on low end devices where it's a good idea to use the "static" keyword all over the place and in doing so treat member variables as globals and functions as effectively global subroutines. I think of it as risotto code - a big bowl of starchy mess that's a bit less stringy in appearance than spaghetti and potentially harder to get your head around.

Which sort of brings me to my view on whether or not Java is cool. Java itself is kind of like a swiss army knife that can be used to do just about anything you could want to do. It comes with a huge amount of bloat to that allows it to handle just about anything and while it's almost never as good as a specialist tool but you can always make it work. Swiss army knives are cool to boys between about 8 - 16 years old give or take. An adult with a swiss army knife in a leather pouch on their belt on the other hand is never cool.

Useful maybe, but never cool.

Comment Re:If only it were possible to do challenge/respon (Score 3, Informative) 178

In Australia it's illegal to fly a UAV within 30 meters of a human. This donkey was using an iPad to fly it 10 meters above the track. Even if quality radios are available here (of course they are) it sounds like he's a 'creative' type with little regard for anything without a brand name he reckognizes, physical reality or the law.

Comment Horse Shit (Score 1) 299

I run kxstudio over a heavily modified system that functions as a media centre, file server, desktop, dev machine and low latency DAW. It works fine for me.

Geez, I started reading these comments hoping to find a better notation solution than rosegarden for Linux and it's full of superstitious crap

Comment Re:Developing for Android on Android; Wi-Fi range (Score 1) 211

What software do you use for this? Is it AIDE or something else?

I'm using AIDE. It helps to root and increase the heap size if you need large libraries.

(Skipping the Chinese frying pan) That's all well and good for wandering about a building. But what happens if you wander onto a bus or otherwise out of range of your access point's signal?

I suppose I could open the firewall and remote in using my phone as a tether if I really needed to but so far I haven't. That would be limited to SSH to because xrpd would be painful over patchy 3G in my area.

Comment Re:Actually, Yes and No. (Score 1) 211

In my case it's it leans towards the yes. I just got one of the asus android transformers and so far it's working out far better than my old laptop. I've found quick development tasks much quicker and easier than using the laptop and it's really convenient that the battery lasts as long as it does and I can get up and wander around with just the screen when I need thinking/reading time. This is suitable of course because I am developing android software and I am not someone who likes sitting down when I solve complex problems.

I also have and will continue to use the desktop when I need real power because it handles heavy workloads without the thermal meltdowns of a laptop. Having ssh, xrdp and samba shares on the desktop machine also gives me the freedom to wander around with the tablet while doing heavy wokloads.

I dream of a time where tools like blender are set up so that the heavy lifting is done by a PC and the UI is a thin opengl es app on the tablet allowing multiple connections for collaboration. That would be delightful!

Comment Re:It's an "ology"! (Score 1) 230

So let me get this straight. Experimenting to try to gather evidence to support and explain phenomena reportedly observed by people throughout history is mumbo jumbo whereas stating that research in a particular subject is unjustified because we know everything, the subject seems ridiculous and we can assert that it can't be empirically measured is science? Okay. I suppose you believe in immutable "scientific facts" too? I guess I used to believe in the tooth fairy.....

Comment Re: Noah (Score 1) 253

If 'a' is a prefix in the case of alot then alot probably means not many or not much. It might even be an a definition of a subset of a lot in which case a better word in english would be allotment (n) or allot (v).

'A' as a prefix doesn't mean 'one'. Another is a strange word in that it is more like the German sytem of gluing words together than it is like English and it uses 'an' where there is less ambiguity about the intended meaning. Alot kind of means "not one lot" or a little.

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