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Journal Journal: Gee, I think I've heard this before 1

My wife sent me this news story today

It sounded real familiar to me. Slashdot covered virtually the same article almost exactly 2 years ago. They both talk about the study done at the University of Arizona. I wish I could find a mirror of the linked to article. I suspect even the wording may be similar (or maybe I can just be imagining that after not having read it for 2 years). I was able to get these links though:

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Journal Journal: Interesting experiment 1

I made this comment
I expected to be modded either funny or modded down, but as I write this I was modded 50% insightful. Perhaps I'm wrong but I don't think my comments were perticularly insightful. Did my subject line "+1 Insightful" have something to do with this? The subject line was my, sarcastic, rating of the article itself, not intended to be how people should mod me.
Are the moderators that easily swayed? It'd be interesting to test this some more, but I'll leave that to others (not that anyone will act on this, I suspect no-one will read this anyway).

Journal Journal: WTF?

This Doll has been pulled from Walmart's shelves. She's married (even visibly wearing a wedding ring), not a single mother, and people are still upset by it.
I don't understand how people can have a problem with this. What is our country now ashamed of pregnant women too?!
Is it just me, or is this totally ridiculous?
Of course, I guess this should be expected from Walmart.

USA: The land of the free^H^H^H^Hprotected.

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